Blaster Hellhounds Rubber EE-3 in the works


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I thought I’d show some progress with my newest project. I acquired a Webley and many found parts recently and have been molding the parts to be able to offer a Rubber/Foam ESB EE-3. After I complete the ESB molds I’ll start working on an ROTJ version. The material is the same material as the “Hyperfirm” rubber versions that were made for years but I’m focusing very hard at making this accurate. With the research that this community has done and some key members here, I’ve been hunting down found parts to make sure the final product is up to par for any Fett.

I’ll post photos as I move along with the project.


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Yep! Every single piece will be rubber. I’ll offer them without the flash tube if someone wants to use one that’s real though.
I lost count how many times I have clocked a kid on the head who wasnt looking where they were going. That flash tube must hurt lol


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What do you intend to use to reinforce the main body? We have been offering rubber ESB and ROTJ EE3's for years and can tell you first hand, if you don't reinforce them, they will sag, bend and warp. Also, good luck casting those scope mounds in rubber!


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Here’s the complete rubber Webley with a couple of little EE3 parts I’m messing with. I’ve got most of the parts for the EE3 on their way and should have a finished version in the next week or so.


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