For Sale Heiland, Paterson(s), Files, Vest

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Type 3 Squeegee as per Art's thread. £30.


Type 4 Paterson Squeegee. The type still made today. Unused. £20.


Heiland 2 cell for ESB EE3 for those who can't track down those elusive MPP units. £30

Kaiser Grip for sling gun £25


Vintage dental files in the following sizes: blue 20, brown 25, black 30, Gold 40, blue 50, black 60, gold 80.
£1 for small files


Bobamaker vest with integral neck section to fit 44 chest and 16.5 neck. Weathered. £100

I also have a custom props Vader ROTS Cape although I know this isn't exactly the forum.

International shipping is not included but I will cover UK

Live the dream.



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All PMS replied.

Dental file info.
The blue 20, brown 25, and black 30 are all single band as are red 15s (none left, sorry). Gold 40, blue 50, and black 60 are double banded. The 70s and 80s are the big thick files.

I've previously sprayed some of these with red metallic paint to see how that works out and it's pretty good.


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All PMs replied (I think). If I haven't responded then please advise and I'll go back through.

So far the following are sold:

1). Paterson Type 5 and sec O mat/Rotring greeb
2). Top Cape.
3). Milbro scope
4). Michell Stylus Brush
5). Batninja vest and seal.
6). Casio MQ1
The above are all sent.

Had interest on the following:

Webley scope and type 3 paterson...
Heiland 2 Cell...

Just a note of clarification for everyone: please ensure that payments are marked up as for 'goods and services' and not as a 'gift'. Better for everyone this way; open and transparent and I get the correct address. Any fees I try to calculate into the prices. Where I have asked for additional amounts for shipping, usually only in international cases, I estimate based on prior experience but I will refund the difference if there is any. Generally I underestimate because I find it is less hassle for me, which is worth more to me than a few extra quid.

If it makes any difference to anyone I am off Monday so can post paid for items then. If payment is after that then it will be later. I'm not trying to hurry anyone along, it makes no difference to me from a financial POV, but people tend to want their stuff ASAP and I will have more difficulty fitting that in after Monday.

Peace everybody.

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Hi Andy! I am interested in a set of dental files too, pm incoming! love the buckle and scope! Thank you again for your very quik reply to my questions and your very friendly advice and service! Makes all the difference!
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