Heavy Infantry Mandalorian


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Hello there

I've gone through each individual frame of Episode 3 and isolated and edited the lighting to get better looks at the details of this awesome costume.

I have been updating this album as I've found more images/references! (and will update if big boi is in more episodes!)

Enjoy and feel free to message me if you have images yourself that I could add! As well as if you have any requests, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best.
(With that said, I haven't added the Hot Toys images yet, let me know if I should add them.. there are 23 images from Hot Toys and I didn't want the album to get too crazy long)

I'm currently 3D printing the helmet now from Shepherd Creations

I've pre-ordered the armor set from Marko Makaj who's full intention is to make the most accurate armor available.
I will keep you updated on this project.


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Hey Burt Thanks for the awesome reference shots! I too am working on a heavy Infantry build. Printing the helmet from ffd-crafts. And working on a foam armor build. If your plan was to have this thread be a sort of reference library, I'd be happy to share my references and templates to this thread as I finish drawing them otherwise i can just include them in a separate build thread. HI_Mando_Chest_Sketch.jpg