Heat gun for pvc?

A lot of companies make them. If you want cheap, Harbor Freight. Craftsman makes them too. I've used both and both are still working.
Jango Newbie is correct, Harbor Freight has them and they were on sale not too long ago for about $10.00. Be careful when using the heat-gun on ABS. If you get ABS too hot, it will begin to wrinkle the plastic.

Sintra is able to handle heat much better than ABS plastic.

Hope this helps you out, bro.
The heat gun works well if you want to bend a specific area.
especially on Sintra.
it can cuase burning & discoloration.
trust me:facepalm
SarlaccBits said:
Is it better to use a heat gun to form the plastic or boil it in water for a few seconds?

I found that a heat gun works better for larger peices the back plate. Water is good for smaller pieces. Also watch out for the toxic fumes.
I started yesterday shaping my Sintra pieces...
I did the smaller ones (like the shoulder bells) in boiling water and the larger pieces with a heat gun and so far it is working great!
Thanks for the tips guys!
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