Hasbro Boba Fett electronic helmet question


New Hunter
I recently came across a old hasbro Boba Fett electronic helmet for a couple bucks at my local goodwill. It is missing the headgear inside, I’m thinking about painting and modding it for a mandalorian costume. What kind of padding works good inside this helmet as a replacement for the missing harness that they came with?



Active Hunter
Well, are you going for comfort, looks, or both? You can just hot glue some soft foam in there which a cheap and easy and probably the most comfortable option. Or you can epoxy in a hard hat liner. The main thing is consider your comfort level when wearing it. I thought I had some soft foam that would be perfect with my bucket. Nope, after about thirty minutes I was ready to come out of it. Test fit around the house before you wear it out!!! Good luck.