Hasbro black series boba


Some more info in this article about the SDCC presentation:

"The final, and really only big reveal of the panel is that we are finally getting an amazing Boba Fett helmet. It is stunningly accurate, as they took it right from the scan of the original helmet. It has the most paint aps they have done on a single piece besides the Sail Barge, and features a working range finder as well.""

If the production helms do come out looking as good as that, and for $119.99 as mentioned here, then goddamn that's quite an offering. I think it's safe to say that'll put a lot of us sellers out of the market lol. But that's fine, will be great to finally have a high quality official offering.


Actually... Nevermind... This pic is way clearer than the one I saw earlier today....hasbro totally ripped off my idea/design for the interior... Of course the hasbro designers could've accidentally integrated every single aspect of my design.
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The scaled MR helmets already featured this design several years ago. I believe that this design originally stems from a book showing how Fett's helmet's interior looks in-universe, doesn't it? I can't find that source for that right now, so I might be 100% wrong.



Is the prototype they have on display hand painted? Looks that way by some of the pics I saw.
After looking at the pictures more closely it definitely looks like it was hand painted with a brush. So we don’t know what the paint will actually look like when all is said and done. As we all know there are a ton of paint levels on the lid so my guess it will be more like the EFX or the MR style of paint but something in me says it won’t be quite as good though all in all. Hasbro will definitely cut some corners to mimi nice production cost.


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Where's the wonky, WHERE'S THE FUNKY BROW LINE?!

Looks decent tho for the price. Curious to see the mass produced pieces..


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Yeah just as expected they fixed all the beautiful imperfections we know and love with the Original bucket and replaced with symmetrical forms like EFX did. Such a shame. Also WhiteShadow, i wouldn't worry about it man. This stuff unfortunately happens, it won't nearly be as detailed or as premium as yours are! And yep, that helmet interior has been around since the old OT visual dictionary so they have the license to do it.


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Spacebob's pictures show the difference really well of the scans. They don't have that chip on the wearer's left side near the t-visor, they don't have the T asymmetrical on the corners like the real helmet, and they don't have the signature crooked brow... There might be a few more differences I'm not noticing?

Regardless, I would be really surprised if the paint application looks that good when it is delivered since it looks amazing for $120. I would assume it's similar to Sideshow pieces since Sideshow Premium Format pieces usually look WAY better at the conventions when they're hyping up a new premium format figure compared to when they actually deliver those same figures to the masses.

If the paint job is that good for $120 that's pretty awesome and I'll probably buy one since it's so cheap if it fits my head.


Got to say the black/legend series just gets better mostly (Vader was too big to work) so I think that it could have a decent paint job.
We'll have to wait and see.


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Example... When I bought my house, I found an apple IIe in the attic. I scrapped it for parts. This piece connected the crt to the logic board. It was a cool looking part, so I worked it into the design. Nothing more than that. Nothing from canon/licensed products aided my decision