Hasbro Black Series Boba Fett - Fixing knife line in T Visor????


When taping up the T Visor for painting, and trying to trim the tape, the exacto twent right through the tape and left a straight, 3 inch line in the plastic, right above the mandible, and is just high enough above to be visible.
Is the knife line able to be fixed, or is it replacement visor time?


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I made a darker one for mine so I still have the OEM one that I don’t need. When I get home tomorrow I can take some pics of it to see if you want it.


Yeah, ShortFuse ....
It was in better shape than mine, but it was still a little too boogered for what I wanted.
@IronSpiderFN , I ended up just biting the bullet and ordering a proper replacement from t-visor.com
I had to dremel the sh** out of it to get it to fit into Hasbro's goofy a** internal parts layout, but it turned out amazing.
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