Has anyone tried painting a Boba helmet like this yet?


Walked into my son's room last night and he's watching EP2 and it hits me...... If Boba's helmet was originally Jango's, wouldn't it stand to reason that the scratches on Boba's helmet would show some of Jango's original paint through? What I mean is that Boba's colors don't show any existing blue paint under the scratched or chipped areas on the mandibles, band or keyhole part.

I know, Jango's helmet was an afterthought in the story line but still, it started to bug me. I'm currently working on a 3D printed helmet that I'm doing for fun but I may paint it as Boba's with Jango's colors showing from underneath instead of some of the original Boba under layer colors. Has anyone done this yet so I don't have to? Not looking forward to adding more layers to the dozen plus colors of Boba's, but in my mind it needs to be done. Going to go with the ESB helmet because in my opinion it's easier to paint. So my plan is to use the Jango blue instead of say the Grey 79 on the mandibles under the red areas on the mandibles, band and keyhole back.

I'm assuming I didn't miss some story line shoot off that said Boba's helmet wasn't his fathers and that he acquired one somewhere else.....

Any thoughts?


Jr Hunter
As raizo said jangos helmet got blown up, and therefore bobas helmet is bobas helmet but if you choose to ignore the clone wars cartoon series that this happened in (but it is cannon) you would also need to have the "jango dent" in addition to bobas dent (also explained by the clone wars cartoon series in a deleted scene)


I forgot about the clone wars cartoon! Thanks for the info guys. Still going to have to do it so I fulfill my curiosity as to what it'd look like. I'll post progress when I start.


Boba did have a blue color theme to his helmet in the Xmas special. I always just pictured that being Jango's old helmet until the helmet bomb episode of TCW ret-conned that theory of mine away.