Has anyone made Boba Fett armor AFBB (or As First Aquired By I guess)

Just like the title says, just wondering if anyones done this, wanted to see what it looked like all pristine (though I think the weathering is what makes it look so good).

I'm trying to decide what to do when I get mine.



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You mean like, what theoretically Boba's armor looked like originally? I've wondered about that (and helmet) too. I'd be interesting to see, but I doubt many (if any at all) actually have tried it.

Ya, thats exactly what I meant...so no dings, no scratches, and all clean....I think it would just look a bit weird really...I'm tempted to try it, but then I'd have to weather it topically if I changed my mind, and I'm not that good with the paints

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The theory is that Mando armor isn't really being "issued" at the point that Boba is running around. He's pieced his armor together from used parts.

Cool idea though.
The theory is that Mando armor isn't really being "issued" at the point that Boba is running around. He's pieced his armor together from used parts.

Cool idea though.

Ya, I figure he didn't get it all in a package...but wouldn't he have painted it all when he first got it (otherwise quite the coincidence on it all matching...well...I guess the yellow shoulders dont quite match, but you know)

I'll have to think about this a bit more before I paint I guess


I'd thought about that too after reading 'Open Seasons'. Jango's refurbished gear looked great and Boba's would be sweet 'untouched'.

If you decide to do it, please post pics of the progress.
I'm probably going to go the beat up old route...just thought it'd be interesting to see.

Though if i really do a crappy job on the weathering I might re-think that and just repaint as new armour....so if you're lookign forward to that...keep your fingers crossed that I mess up:lol:


The theory is that Mando armor isn't really being "issued" at the point that Boba is running around. He's pieced his armor together from used parts.

Cool idea though.

Didn't that whole boba suit come from either jaster mareel or one of jangos buddies after that whole nasty deathwatch incident? i guess thast one of the problems, so much misconstrued info.... gets confusing what is real and what isnt


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i would think you would take some jango armor sculpts and make it the boba fett scheme if you wanted to do that

most of the jango armor was dent free


I know this reviving an old thread, but did anyone decide whether or not to attempt this? It's been an idea I'm kicking around, since I haven't started the actual sanding and construction yet. I was thinking of TWO possibilities: One is all dented up, but "freshly" painted. The other is no dents, all clean paint. Or, of course, the standard beat up look. I think both have good costuming merits (but of course, after trooping in the armor I don't know just how pristine I could keep it anyway). I don't have a lot of background knowledge of Boba prior to the movies (shame on me for that!) so do any of our resident experts have any thoughts/knowledge/impulses they'd like to share before I start?


(and see! Some people actually use the search engine before asking a question! lol)

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The problem with fresh paint on dented armor is that it may just look like a project that the costume builder was too lazy to finish.

I think partially weathered paint with a few chips and no dents would be a good approach. Or, maybe shiny paint with some of that grime that's on jango's armor.


i would think that when jango lost his head and young boba held his helmet that he took the helmet for him self in his fathers name im shure he had many paint jobs, seams like from esb to jedi he changed it up a bit with colors so what im sayin is jangos helmet became boba's and things grew from there but all in all ya have to give some weatherin like count dookie said or it will just look like a lazy job.

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I know I'm reviving this thread but I thought of something...

On the armor parts, you can clearly see 4 different colors.

Starting from bottom and up :
3-light green
4-darker green

My guess is that the armor was originaly yellow (as per the Holiday special) and was painted light green, then immediately darker green. Hence not much light green showing through.

On the helmet, if we look at the ESB version, you can see many different colors but here is how I think the helmet should look like before repainting (another guess would be that the blue holiday special helmet was discarded and/or replaced)

Bottom all-around is pretty much silver so my guess it that is the color of the material. The gray color would most probably be a primer applied before the paint.

Dome :
3-light green

Mandibles :

Upper cheeks :

Lower cheeks :
3-light green

Left ear :
2-light gray
3-grass green

Right ear :
2-sand camo

Back :
2-very light gray
3-sand camo
4-dark green

So my guess would be that the first paintjob this helmet had was :

Dome : Light green
Mandibles : Red-maroon
Upper cheeks : Black
Lower cheeks : Light green
Left ear : Grass green
Right ear : Sand camo
Back : Sand camo

If gray is not primer then it would be all gray except for the back (sand camo), right ear (sand camo) and upper cheeks (black).

Here is what I think it might have looked like with the mandomaker application :

Boba Fett original helmet.JPG

Brand new Boba Fett.JPG

Brand new Boba Fett2.JPG