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Hey fellow dents,
Has anyone ever heard of Marco enterprises? they made fett helmets in the 90's but went bankrupt. I was thinking of getting one from ebay but wasn't sure of the quality and if it was a good base for painting to look like a screen accurate helmet. Any advice would be appreciated.
If you are going to buy a helmet, pony up and get a good one. This the first thing people look at when they see you. If you get a cheap one, it will make the rest of your suit look that way. MarrowSun's MS 3 is just amazing! I personally have a Skygunbro helmet, and I am quite pleased with it (I also have his jumpsuit and vest). Steer clear of no name helmet makers. When in doubt, do a search. You will be suprised what may turn up. Good luck!
SoloChaser, I doubt that you'll be happy with the Marco helmet in any other capacity than a display item. The edges are too soft, and there is very little detail in the keyhole area at the back of the helmet. The RF stalk is made of wood? From the pics, it's difficult to tell if the helmet is even 1:1 scale.

You'll find much better quality for a few bucks more in the Cargo Hold from time to time. My advice is to save your money a little longer...something better WILL come along.
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