Has anyone bought a jet pack from that guy on ebay?


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Has anyone bought a jetpack from that guy on ebay?

Has anyone here bought a jet pack kit from that guy on ebay listed as "Star Wars Prop Boba Fett costume Jet Pack Kit" for $240? I'm wondering how it is regarding the quality of the cast and such. The guy seems to have positive feedback, but something just doesn't seem right about the whole thing. I think I may have seen that picture in his auction before somewhere.

Sorry in advance for being overly paranoid.
People on the RPF have identified him as a recaster. In general, I'd avoid auctions that keep the bidder's name private.
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You might want to PM Cruzerfett he got a Humdinger of a JP on ebay that was anything but! I am sure he will let you know what JP buyer on ebay to avoid. For around 100.00 more you can get an MLC one y'know.
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The seller I bought the crappy jp kit was "Npro". I had no success dealing with him and he also sold me some gauntlets that needed a lot of work as well. If I remember correctly the seller was from Colorado. Suspiciously, this new ebay jp kit seller appears to use the same pics as were featured on this "Npro's" past auctions and is from Colorado as well. Almost a week ago I emailed the new ebay seller and asked him a few questions about his jp body kit currently for sale and ended my response asking if he was the same person who use to sell jp kits under the name "Npro". So far I have yet to receive a response which makes me even more suspicious that it just might be the same jp kit seller.---Just my 2 cents because I'd hate to see anyone get robbed as I did if it is the same person. But I'm also interested in seeing the quality of these current jet packs? Maybe they're good...then again maybe not.

I would recommend an MLC as well. But I just don't get the reason for the inaccurate cones and rocket details on the MLCs when every other detail is awesome? :facepalm
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YeahI bought one o these.
Hadno problems with the seller - he even gave me a little discount when he sent the invoice through.
Pack's kinda heavy - weighs in at around 15lbs - the interior of the main bulk is filled with expanded foam - at least it means it's not gonna be too fragile, which is cool as I'll be LARPing with mine.
Haven't begun to put it together yet, as I still have to complete my gauntlets.
No doubt I'll putup pics later on once I? start on it.

As to whether it's a recast or not - having not compared with other JPs I really have no clue on that score.

Oh yeah, the seller also included a two part epoxy glue with the kit.
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Hmmm. Sounds a lot like the jet pack I bought from sharkattacktoys on ebay back in February. He is no longer a registered user. He was also based out of Colorado. 15 lbs and filled with expanding foam. Same price currently being offered on ebay now. Nocture, does the one you recieved have a warped looking rocket, not perfectly round but slightly squished. If it does then I believe it could be a recasted GA jet pack, as that is what I was told mine was, though I could be wrong.
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I know goldenarmor made a kit with a badly squished rocket, but if theirs was an original sculpt or if it was a recast, I don't know. I do know that a 15 pound pack is insane! My last pack was about 8 pounds and I got rid of it because it pulled back on my collar armor. Also, even wearing an 8 pound pack all day was hard on the back, I can't imagine what a 15 lb pack would be like. I now have a 4 pound MCL on the way, hopefully I'll get it in the next few weeks.
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Yep, mine had a slightly warped rocket base, crooked rocket tip lines and was layered with foam filler on the inside as well! Hmmm! Nocturne, I'm glad your pack seems to be a lot better mold. Maybe he finally got the mold process figured out...but at 15 lbs...ouch! I just got a MLC classic jp a few weeks ago and WOW at a whopping 2.5 lbs!!!

F.Y.I. - I just got an email reply today from the ebay seller who sold me my jp kit, yep, it's him. Just as I suspected. Well I hope he doesn't pump trash out under his new ebay name like what he sold me under his old one.
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Now there is an entire batch almost half a dozen all listed with "HOLIDAY SPECIAL PRICING- $199 + SHIP"

This is simply unreal.
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Hey guys, I've been in contact with the seller over the last day and some things have been cleared up. And it looks like I might be getting one of these jet packs to inspect and report the quality to everyone here. I'm on my lunch break and gotta get back to work but I'll post more on the latest developments today after work. Until then.

Nocturne, I'm glad to hear your happy with the jet pack you received.

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It would be interesting to see how his jet pack is and get a review of it here, but I think I will just wait a month or so and try and order a MLC pack, 15 lbs is a bit too much and 2.5lbs seems just right
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Hansoloway, just wanted to let you know we're working hard on this latest run of :jet pack . I think you will be quite happy with it for years to come! 8)

take care all,

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Hard to say from the pics, but it looks very much like (surprise surprise), a recast of Mark Bradley's jet pack kit!
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Alright, as mentioned above I’ve been in contact over the last day with the guy who’s selling jps on eBay right now. Turns out he’s the guy who sold me the jp a while back. He informed me at the time I bought my jp the bodies were being made by another person and he didn‘t inspect the jp kit that was sent to me before it went out. After emailing him with questions about the jp body he recently had on auction, he replied with an email stating he’d provide me with a jp body if I still needed one and informed me there would be no charge due to the mix-up with my first jp. Needless to say I was totally impressed by his gesture of kindness and graciously accepted his offer. For me that kind of gesture speaks heaps about him and I’m in awe of his efforts to make things right.

I thought about asking for a partial refund, but thought it a good idea to take him up on his offer so that I could inspect his new jps and report their quality to everyone here. He said he’d have it out within the next couple of days and as soon as I get it I’m going to report my findings to everyone and post detailed pics so we can know the quality of these jps. I thought this best because they could very well be a great purchase for the price he’s offering them on eBay right now.

FYI, I did speak to him about the weight of the jps and he said he was currently working on trying to bring it down and that most of it is from the thickness of the resin and added weight by the solid resin pieces. I know that my jp from him weighs in at a little over 8 lbs. I also mentioned to him the warping in the rocket piece as well and hope he can take steps to fix that too.

Give me a couple of days to receive the jp and I’ll start a new thread with pics and findings and if I get it in time I’ll even bring it to L.A. this Sunday when we meet so people can get a first hand look at it.

I’m really glad I contacted this guy and am still blown away by his unexpected kindness and understanding. I’ll keep you updated.

Icedevil, didn’t mean to hijack your thread, just wanted to share with you and everyone else what I discovered

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No problem Cruzer, in fact I'm glad it turned out like this. At $200 I'm sure several people will buy one before you get yours and hopefully all will be well. I can hardly wait to see your review.
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Do any of you guys have like multiple jet packs, like ones that are broken and wanting to sell them? I'd buy a broken one. And, sorry to sound like an idiot, but what are MLC packs? I've never heard of them, and I am kind of new to the Fett business. I just started buying parts recently. So I am very new to all of this. Again, I apologize for my ignorance.

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