Happy Holidays! A fun little afrernoon project...


I felt inspired one day to have some fun and make a helmet based on Boba's appearance in the Star Wars Holiday Special, so I bought the cheapest helmet I could (that still sort of resembles Boba Fett) and a few cans of spray paint and had some fun! The premise was to make a helmet that looked right out of the animation, instead of making a realistic version of an animated helmet. I outlined the lines of the helmet with kind of rough lines to simulate the (very wonky) hand animation of the show. I do need to touch up the black lines a little in a few spots and after watching the holiday special this morning, I realized the directional signals should be white inside, which I did not have...



Great idea to get into the holiday spirit. And neat concept doing it a cell shaded style.

If only you had a really wonky faced toon Han Solo to chase.


Thanks, guys! I'm glad you approve. I had seen some versions of this but they were always realistic interpretations and wanted something unique. I thought that "cel-shaded", old-school cartoon look would be perfect.

I looked for the cans of paint and could only find one, which is the darker blue. It's a Rust-Oleum 2X coverage satin paint called "Oasis Blue." I bought them both at Wal-Mart, so I looked on the site and I think the other, primary blue color is also Rust-Oleum 2x but this is a gloss finish called "seaside." Then I painted the inside of the visor gloss black. The edges were painted with model paint. If you want, I can stop by Wal-Mart this week and confirm the paint color. When compared to stills from the actual cartoon, it's pretty darn close. And that's it. I still need to paint the arrows, though. In some scenes of the Holiday Special, the arrows are either white or a VERY light blue. It may be the same color as Boba's flight suit. Anyone have any thoughts?


One thing about this particular helmet is that it takes spray paint like a CHAMP.

If anyone is interested, I got it here: Adult’s Deluxe Boba Fett Mask

When I purchased it, shipping was free, but that may have just been for Halloween. Even still, this is cheaper than you can find this helmet on ebay. I will warn you, for anyone who has the original Target release, this one feels a bit thinner... But it's still good enough if you want to do a helmet that isn't supposed to be film accurate.