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Well, I am nearly done with this. All the green parts are finished being painted and weathered, unless someone points out some glaring errors. I just need to fix Rodann's shoulder/cod studs on. There are some FG ones already on the MLC collar piece, but having got the Rodann ones ages ago I thought it would be a shame not to use them. I have put snaps on the back of the armour to fix it to the vest (when I get round to sewing the other part of the snaps onto the vest, of course.

The yellow parts need weathering, darts gluing on the knees and snaps fixing on the back. Then I need to matt clear coat it to dull the gloss yellow.

The colours won't make sense to you US guys, as I'm in the UK, but for those in the UK, they are:

Base green: Humbrol Enamel (spray can) matt dark green
Base yellow: Tamiya Enamel (spray can) gloss Camel yellow
Damage yellow: Humbrol Acrylic (pot) Matt Trainer Yellow mixed with approx 25% Humbrol Acrylic (pot) satin white.
Damage silver: Tamiya acrylic (pot) Chrome silver
Clear coat: Humbrol enamel (spray can) matt varnish

Weathering on the green parts was a generous misting of Humbrol Enamel (spray can) matt black, followed by a misting of Humbrol Enamel (spray can) Matt olive green (which is great for ESB bucket dome and cheeks, BTW), followed by a misting of plasti-Kote grey primer (just because I had it lying around!). I then did a few random scratches before and after the mistings with a silver pen

The damage loosely follows a mixture of the Ref CD (MOM)and the visual dictionary, along with a few ad-libs due to mistakes or to cover the odd paint run in the base yellow (it's a great shade, but a pig of a paint to get to stick - you need really thin coats).

The armour was a dream to paint. No clean up or prep needed. It comes trimmed, sanded, gelcoated and primered. The dents are already in there and are pretty accurate, depending on which version you look at and whether you look at the VD or Ref CD, etc. All I did was cut out the chest LED holes. I also need to cut out JP harness slots and add the little covers on there once I know what harness I'll be using.

This is my first foray into painting and weathering and I am fiercely proud of it, but I would welcome constructive criticism. I don't intend to re-paint at the mo, but I'll note all comments in case I decide to re-paint later.

Many thanks first and foremost to Mardon (armour), Rodann (shoulder studs), VashDstampede (chest and shoulder decals) and the children of Kelsey Park Grammar school electronics club (Chest LED's). Thanks also to everyone for making this a community where I feel I can show this stuff off without fear of ridicule!. Thanks also to Brak's and Secoll for the on-line Ref CD whick was invaluable. Especially pic 99!

Oh, and just for your reference and perspective assistance, the floor tiles in the pics are 11 3/4" square.

Be gentle with me.

Here are the pics:




WOW! :eek:
That armor looks great. Must feel pretty good to have all that armor finished. ;)
Can't wait to see the entire suit.
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If this is your first crack at painting, I'd say you have a knack for it. The paint job is excellent: can't wait to see those knees and shoulders weathered.

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Looks fabulous bud!!! 1st attempt ehhh? Looks like you are a professional already. Can't wait to get my set! Hopefully it turns out as well as yours did. Again, looks super!
Looking great!!

Can't wait to get mine and start painting. By the way when are we due to expect it?

Can you point me in the right direction to get hold of the paints you used. I don't have any model shops near me, so have to order via the web. If you know a site where i can get hold of these i'd be very happy to know.


Thanks guys. Mirax, yeah after months of groundwork, I'm finally starting to see some results. Feels good. Hoping to get the suit finished by mid October, end of October at the latest, but it depends on a few bits I'm waiting on.

Dom, don't know of any sites, but I'd be happy to pop to my local hobby store and get some of the same paints for you. They are £4 a can, and £1 for the pots. You'll need 2 cans of the green and the yellow, one of everything else. The plasti-kote stuff is available in any DIY store such as Homebase, B&Q etc. LMK. You know my e-mail address by now ;)

I'll keep you posted on ETA of yours.

Cheers Mate :D

I have managed to track down a site now. Thanks for the offer.
Just in case anyone else in the UK was having trouble tracking down spray enamels here is the link i have found. seem reasonably priced.
Hopefully catch up with you at November Mem. I won't have my boba ready by then, but it will be great to have a look at what you've done with yours.

That's an awesome looking armor (Mardon:thumbsup:) and an awesome paint job (Simon:thumbsup:)
Can't wait to see it on with the rest of your pieces.
It looks absolutely great...but I have a question...what happened to the indents and/or holes for the jet pack harness? (The relief pattern where the straps comes out from).

Thanks again guys :o

Robert, the back plate comes without holes so individuals can put the holes where they are most appropriate. Obviously there are a huge number of different types of Harness, so Mardon couldn't possibly be asked to put the holes in the right place for everyone, so he left them out so we (the user) can place them where we want. The little "covers" that go over the holes are included and I have painted them, but simply forgot to put them in the pics.

Hope this explains things.

I'm liking what I'm seeing, Si. Any chance of getting you to take a pic of you wearing the knee armor? This is one item (well, two items actually :p) that can look good on its own, but be misproportioned when worn.
As you wish!

quick pic of my knees. not a great pic, but the only one I've got of the knees actually on.

Because you are looking down on them slightly, they look a little smaller than they are.

IMO, they are a great size. Not too big, not too small.

Hope this helps.

Here ya go.


Looks GREAT!!
Now all you need is a really nice Ammo Belt to go above that Cod piece ;)
You Uniform is looking Awesome! Can't wait to see it complete.
Did you get on the list for Sunday?
Gloves don't look too bad from the Pic ;)
Robert E.
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