Guy on eBay recasted my shin tools MOW

Hi Mirax,

I understand your position and I respect that completely. I'm left to wonder about the possibility (and it really wouldn't surprise me) of Jeff being impersonated. I know that his ebay account has been hacked into before because someone sold a motorcycle using his account. At the time he didn't even know it happened until the "buyer" emailed Jeff wondering where the bike was. Jeff had to fix that one to prevent further hacking.

If someone can hack into his ebay account, it is entirely possible that his TDH account was hacked and he was impersonated. If that is the case, the imposter should have known that Jeff does not own any companies (He works with foster children in a foster/adoption agency), much less any limited liability company dealing with plastic. Furthermore he does not live in or do any business in Reno, Nevada. He lives down the highway from me.

I've been to his garage many times in the last several years and I've seen his work. I've never heard of Ruffkin's gauntlets, but the gauntles being referred to above, he made himself and it took him a long time. Perhaps it's possible that as builders reach top quality nearing perfection, it is likely that they begin to resemble each other. I don't know. I'm not much of a prop guy, myself, but I know what Jeff is capabale of building.

Jeff didn't even know he was banned from here until he tried logging in as a result of what happend with this shin tool incident. Anyway, forgive me for stirring the pot a little, but if there are people out there who have it in for Jeff, then there deserves to be some kind of inquiry, especially if the author of the above quoted statements that you shared were the result of hacking and impersonating, assuming they originated from his IP address. Certainly the possiblity exists. It's just not like Jeff to pm the admins irrationally when he'd rather just give something for free, to satisfy a customer rather than to part with hurt feelings as he has been known to do in the past. That's just the kind of guy Jeff is. Anyway, thanks for indulging me.

dont you think that is pushing things...some one hacked his account in order to tell TDH abmin he gonna sue them? that's 9/11 conspiracy now lol no matter how you try to spin it it is what it is.....maybe if he said he was sorry and that he was just a lil hot in the head at the time things would change

Skalen Fehl

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I don't know who's in Reno. I DO know that Jeff does not live in Reno, does not have a business in Reno, does not own the above named plastic business, does not own any kind of business either.

Baptist, with all due respect, if Jeff really intended legal action, I'm sure he'd be smarter than to threaten something like that by pretending to be a company owner, even an limited liability company owner. You just don't do that in the professional world. I can say this with certainty as a corporate owner myself. As for conspiracy theories, I suppose it does sound outlandish to folks who really don't know what's going on. I'd probably think the same thing if I didn't know Jeff better. But I do.

Hypothetically, what if I'm right? Is it really so outlandish to believe? And if so, then perhaps people can stop demonizing him. If he was guilty of anything, he'd be the first to apologize, but he wasn't even given the chance. I find it ironic that the only person on this thread who might be inclined to believe me is the one who initiated this thread.

Jeff doesn't know that I'm here talking on his behalf, but I just can't sit here and read the things still being said about him, even after MOW cleared the air. Conspiracy theories do sound extreme, but on the other end of the spectrum so do witch hunts. Unless there's undisputable proof that Jeff is guilty of anything, please put down your pitchforks and torches.

All I'm saying is Jeff doesn't own any plastics company in Reno. It just doesn't make sense that he would make such a claim if he truly sought a legitimate case. If I'm wrong, then Jeff has made a fool out of me and my longstanding friendship with him. But if I'm right, then someone out there has made a fool of Jeff and everyone else and continues to make fools and dupes of us all. And one good man's name is soiled. For what?

Art Andrews

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Skalen Fehl, I understand you defending your friend, but you are incorrect in your assumption. It was indeed Jeff as he wrote later, apologizing for the recasting and asking more politely that we remove this thread, stating it was unethical of us to allow it to remain active. In the same thread he called the administration liars and implied we were colluding with MOW against him. While your experience with him may be positive and while he may be a good guy outside this situation, as Mirax stated earlier, we have very little tolerance for people who threaten us with legal action.

Skalen Fehl

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The Dent,

Thank you for your reply. I digress. Mirax, thank you for responding to me as well, when you really didn't owe me an explanation. Best wishes.


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I just finished my daughters costume and a member asked that I get a new lid. I made mine from a dp helmet for her and planned to upgrade anyway. So, I just bought a new ms1 lid on ebay from 12fish34. Reading this it now really concerns me on who I should buy from. Anyone heard of this seller? It might be legit but I would like to be sure. Being new to costuming I know it takes alot of work, valueable time, effort, and pride. I made my own jet pack from templates here on TDH. my 1st is not 100% accurate but I would be irrate this happened to me. For those that do a build up from scratch and cast to share with us is great. It is an insult to recast from it and sell as your own. Good work informing all of us true builders and costumers. is there a thread out there that anyone knows about that lists those that (like skalen fehl states) soil a good costumers/prop builders name. Man this is wrong.......Again, I have not been a builder for long so, is there someone out there that has been doing this for a while that can build a thread for those names we should watch out for. PLEASE START A THRED WITH THOSE NAMES. thanks.
Skalen it happens to everyone when you get hot in the head you say things out of wanting to come out on top and like The Dent said he mentioned MOW and Admin people he knew of the situation and defended himself

the way you have it seem is as if there is a big need in this site to rid of him when he wasn't a seller on this site but his main base is ebay

but like MOW said Vader R has stopped and he said he was sold them by another guy and didn't know they belonged to MOW so the whole thing is done with really should just let this thread bury it self