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Where dose everyone get their guns. I mean i cant find any good guns on the internet, and i havent goneto walmart in forever. Can some please tell me where to get some good guns for my Mando??
Are you looking for guns for Custom Mando? Or for Boba/Jango?

If it is custon, you can go the airsoft gun route, which you can find at Walmart and sporting good stores. Also, some Nerf Guns do look good repainted and used in custom.

If it is Boba/Jango, really the only way to get those, is to look for someone who makes kits.
I want it for my custom mando. But at walmart they dont sell what i want. If any one can find some good mechine guns, handguns,and gernade launcher that would be cool.
What some people do, is take a regular gun, like a BB gun and use the grip and cover the chamber and barrel with a piece of tubing to replicate the Webely. I'm sure you could get a basic gun, and mod it to get closer to what you want. Look on Ebay, there are plenty of guns there.
Making any kind of mandalorian costume isnt cheap. You're on the wrong boards if you are looking for a costume for under $2000.
Even a custom mando will cost a few hundred.


$100 a helmet
$25-50 for buckets to make armor
$20 or so for paint
$50 jumpsuit
$20 velcro
$50-100 on blaster

You can make a decent custom mando for about $300-500. Really good for $500-1000.

I would say check Scratchbuilt threads all over the boards to see how people make them and how much it can cost ya.
Making any kind of mandalorian costume isnt cheap. You're on the wrong boards if you are looking for a costume for under $2000.

I'm sorry but that is simply not true. There are numerous members that have made their costume for quite a bit less than that- my first version of Jango cost me less than $1000.
My bad, I'll re-word *most* good Fett costumes cost quite a bit of cash. I know it can be done cheaper for those that have the ability and the skills to scratch build their own armor and soft parts. A majority though do not have the skills and therefore have to pay top dollar for the items and talents of our fellow TDH'ers.
Is it me, or does all of Lizards threads seem to be baiting with ridicules and bogus questions??

I know you say you're only 14 years old, but shouldn't you be in School??
And in one thread you're asking what a "Mando" is?? Then in the very next thread you're showing off your "Mando" armor??????

And now you want to sell stuff in the Cargo hold "cause you want to make money too like everyone else"....?? huh??

Is it just me??????:angry
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I can say so much but I dont want to waste my time about this. He needs to be a little more mature about this, and becuase of it, its seriously backlashing against him. I dont think he understands.

I tend to agree with Spidey, really not sure how to take you Lizard. I fell that I am quite tolerant but when I see your name on a thread I tend to think "Oh God what now!!!"
ok, it dosnet bother me when you insult me. Im just trying to figure some things out. I want to make a costume so I can be proud if it. Ive started to enjoy making my mando more and more , but none of you guys can seem to get it through your heads. Im not being rude to any one but everyone insults me. Is there something about me that funny or something because guys will never stop and let me speak.
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