Grimstuff's Quicky Holiday Special Paint-up


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Heyoo. Got a nice little cozy thread here to share with y'all about a little mini-build I did for the holidays; the classic iconic and much beloved Holiday Special Fett. Mostly inspired by both UMD S4L 's recent toon shaded helmet and rewatching RedLetterMedia's Holiday Special-special.

I wanted to keep it pretty simple- rattlecans only and not too much worry about any templates or anything. Something I could do in a week. Looking around for reference I took a liking to the SDCC Holiday Fett figure and also just normal ESB fetts tone shifted blue.

hot-toys-1-6-scale-boba-fett-holiday-special-1500579583.jpg 29-0-1499421505.png

So it was pretty easy to reduce it all down to 3 colors, a light blue, a middle blue, and a dark blue. A pretty welcome idea after the complexity of my ESB paintup.

My picks were Rustoleum French Blue, Wildflower Blue, and Brilliant Blue. Of course since they're all glossy paints I needed a matte clear too.


Oh and a metallic. Brilliant Aluminum by Krylon. I started with that.


Then I masked off a few damage zones for the silvers and covered the whole thing with the Wildflower Blue as a general under-layering.


Then started masking for the French Blue topcoat. I'm pretty much just liberally applying the mask free-hand, loosely sorta following the ESB patterns. Keeps it somewhat unique, and also keeps it quick and easy to do :p



After that it was time for the dark blue upper cheeks, so got everything but they masked off.


Then went ahead and got everything peeled off and put a coat of matte over it to get rid of that icky glossiness.

Seeing it peeled.. it's probably a little more damage than I wanted. I was intending for something a bit more conservative, more like the SDCC figure, but it can be hard to visualize it when you're painting on the latex. It's alright though, just something different.



Unfortunately the clear caused a little bit of paint wrinkling in the Wildflower Blue layer. I was careful to let each later get a full 48 hour dry time, but I suppose that color was just a little bit slower than the others (and I'm sure the cold weather doesn't help). Bit of a let down, but fortunately it's just in a few select areas and only affected an under-layer. The French Blue held up fine.

After that I finished up assembling the RF stalk and other accessories, and did a quick weathering pass. I tried to go a little heavier on the tan and brown colors, since Fett did wear it on Tatooine afterall.

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Cool paintup. It's always fun to see the obscure paint schemes.

Sorry to see you had some paint wrinkling with your clearcoat. Next time I would try Testor's Dullcote. It plays well with every paint brand I've ever layered it over. Just be careful with spraying it over metallics as it will knock the sheen down 100%. Bright silver will end up looking like gray primer.

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Paint wrinkling happens when you mix brands typically...painting it with a rusto silverand clear wouldn't have yielded the wrinkling issue. Also the model masters dullcoat interacts well with both rusto and krylon....


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Yeah I really should've at least let the silver sit for a week or so, let the solvents fully gas out and paint cure. But that's what trying to rush to get it done for December gets me I suppose :p


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I'll have to respectfully disagree there.

For the most part standard rattlecans are all just oil alkyd base paints, just with different solvent mixtures and accelerators added in. As long as they're given the chance to fully degas though and cure, most all of em can be used together without issue. I've been mixing the brands for years, as I'm sure many others do. Just gotta really respect the time windows, and always test new paints.


Here's actually a quick little test piece I did just to prove I'm not talkin outta my butt; Rusto primer, krylon silver, rusto colors, and a krylon clear; all painted within the 1 hour they agreed upon on the cans. Silver got a bit splotchy from getting cleared while still wet, but otherwise no lifting or other problems.

I will fully agree with ya that rattlecan metallics can be a pain though, still haven't met one that doesn't like to leave a buncha powerdy residue that makes top coats peel. And they take fooreverrr to cure. I usually like to avoid using em.
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ive never ever had luck mixing brands when the silver is the base coat... or trying to use another brands clear over top. I just try and stick to using rustoleum mostly if using rattle cans for a project. Though their primer of late has been kinda hit or miss...


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Thanks robotzo. And also everyone who commented earlier!

@Fett 4 Real Yeah, their primers have been giving me some troubles too. The automotive ones are still really nice, especially the 2 in 1 sandable primer and the universal bonding primer, but they're nearly double the price :x