Greetings from the Netherlands


New Hunter
Hi all,

I'm Stefan, live in the Netherlands and am a big fan of Star Wars in general. I live here together with my wife Louise and two daughters Leia and Nora-Mae. For years I've been wanting to build my own Boba Fett suit, but simply could not find time and tools to do so. But since about two months and leeching this forum, I bought a 3D printer and went on to start building my first costume. Really excited but anxious at the same time, especially on the painting part. Never touched an airbrush in my life, but decided to order one and go through that route.
Anyway, here's a pic of the process so far. Sanded, waterproofed and ready for paint.

If I finish this and are happy with the results, next step will be to create a Bo-katan suit for my daughter Leia!

Looking forward to have a lot of fun and learn a lot of you all!