Greetings from Shropshire


New Hunter
Hello all

I'm Ashley from the UK and thought it only best that i do a introduction thread instead of just lurking round in the shadows

At the moment i'm building a Deathwatch grunt from the clone wars as well as slowly building up a PA republic commando kit on the side

I've been a member of my local 501st garrison for almost three years and have developed a absolute love of costuming over the years. Started off with a AM TK kit and have gone slightly clone mad since as my skills have improved along the way. So far i have built three clones, x-wing pilot, rebel fleet trooper and a gunner. Oh and the TK.
I started my Deathwatch build in the middle of last year but the project kept getting pushed further back in the queue of costumes i was working on. Now i have started to get into full swing and i'm hoping to have most of it done or at least wearable by the end of June but i am secretly hoping to have it all done before Essen in July. Would absolutely love to take it to Celebration Europe. But i'm realistic and it will be done when it's done as i would rather get it right than rush it and have it look wrong.

I'll post up my build thread in the clone wars section soon.