Greetings from New Zealand


New Hunter
Kia Ora.
My name is Phil, and I live in Wellington, New Zealand.
I am a 501st Legion member since getting approved in February 2009. I have multiple costumes, mainly clones & a few others.
Clone Commander Neyo (ROTS)
Clone Trooper Grunt (TCW S1-3)
Captain Rex (TCW S1-3)
Captain Rex (TCW S4-6)

Shoretrooper Grunt (RO)
First Order TK Grunt (TFA)

Most of the clones apart from Neyo, are Rebel Legion approved. I also have a Rebel Fleet Trooper & a Willrow Hood.

I’ve been tempted to assemble a Fett for quite some time now and, after watching The Mandalorian Season 2, have chosen a Boba version.
It is the version where Boba retrieves his armour from the Razor Crest just prior to its disintegration.

I have to order parts for this build.
• Boots - Nortiv 8
• Armour - WastedFett
• Helm - WastedFett
• Jetpack
• Belt
• Soft parts (long sleeve shirt, under robe, flak vest, pants & neck wrap)
• Gloves
• Gaiters
• Gaffi stick
• Blaster

I’m looking forward to completing this build as a bucket off version. Many thanks for any future assistance from group members.

Kiwi Captain Rex