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Hello all... and thank you for letting me join. I'm new to the art of props and armor making... a true beginner. I've created props for the local theater, over the years, but nothing like this. I'm really impressed by what ya'll have created, and want to learn. Trying to decide where to start. Any suggestions?


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Hello and welcome to the hunt . Feel free to ask any questions no matter how big or small, we are a friendly bunch who are always willing to help. Whether your building a full fett or just part your biggest decision will be which variant?

The empire strikes back ?

Return of the jedi ?

There are differences between both costumes , paint colour scheme and parts .

Good luck


As funkyred alluded to, you should pick which color scheme speaks to you and start there. It's an expensive hobby so don't think you'll get out of this for any less than a few grand. Well worth the time, money, and effort though. Also, do lots of research. And don't be afraid to ask questions. I sometimes can't find info I'm looking for and everyone is so nice here. Welcome aboard, and happy hunting!