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I have Fettfullof$$ doing my ROTJ paint up . He just got the FFPv2 from animefan in yesterday. Any sources for good ROTJ soft part weathering? Arkady starts my goods next week so I will have them in hand shortly.
If you hit up Raizo Fett he can take care of that for you! I'd do it myself but am booked up for a bit. You could have Carol send them right to Raizo!


Welcome Han's ! I just added a post to the discussion about Pins and locking backs I believe you were posting on.....


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I have this over on the BHG so I thought I would share here. This is my ROTJ Wip with sources and status . Getting close and hope to be collecting Bounties for the opening of Solo . all thoughts welcome

Helmet - Animefan - ROTJ FPv2 Delivered to paint

- Helmet - Paint Commission - AFettFullof$$

Chest armor - Animefan - Delivered to paint

Shoulder Armor - Animefan - Delivered to paint

Back Armor - Animefan - Delivered to paint

- CNC Armor Studs - Machine Craft Replicas - Received

Codpiece - Animefan- Delivered to paint

Kidney Plate - Animefan - Delivered to paint

Knee Armor - Animefan - Delivered to paint

- Armor Paint Commission - AFettFullof$$

- CNC Knee dart - Machine Craft Replicas - Received

Gauntlets - Darth Vorhees - Received

- Gauntlets - Paint Commission - Darth Vorhees

- Gauntlets Lights - Crumdum/Dbickel - Left gauntlet cnc flame thrower lights , Right gauntlet red light - Delivered to Darth Vorhees/Install

- Gauntlet Stainless Steel darts - Machine Craft Replicas - Received

- Gauntlet Stainless Rocket (aluminum and brass)- Machine Craft Replicas - Received

Flight Suit - Arkady - Received

Hip Pouches - Arkady - Received

Spats - Arkady -Received

Neck Seal - Shiny with dickie - Batninja - Received

Flak Vest - Shiny - Batninja - Received

Gloves - Mike M - Received

Boots - Manowar - Metal toe spikes - RS Prop Masters - Received

Soft parts weathering -

Ammo Belt - Deltamike13 - Received

Girth Belt - Centaur/Amazon - Sourced

Cape - RKD Memorial - Received

Jetpack - RKD Memorial - Received

- Jet Pack Clips/Hooks - Full Metal Fett - Received

Jetpack Harness - BigDane - Received

Us Divers Buckle - Full Metal Fett /Replica - Received

Wookiee Scalps - Woodman - Received

Shin Tools - Shapeways Toolguy - Received

- Sonic Beam Weapon

- Anti-Security Blade

- Jet Pack adjustment

- Survival

- Alt Survival

Blaster - Hyperfirm (HFX) - Received

Misc Eletronics

- Helmet - Fans - Ukswrath

- Jet Pack - CNC Beacon Included

- CNC stabilizer Included

- Beacon Light kit - Fettinator - Received

- Armor - ROTJ Programed chest armor lights - HotPockets - Received *Profile concerns so I picked of 2nd set

- Armor Lights round 2 - Fettronics with RaffaFett Sequence - Received *Once both are in hand one will be sold

Transportation and Storage - Home Depot - DeWalt toughchest 38- Received

- Zach's Vinyl tote logos - Received
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Jr Hunter
looking for a suggestion, managed to drop a few lbs and need to cinch up my delta belt some. I need to add some Velcro I wanted to see if anyone has attempted goop ? Not sure if it will adhere to the delta leather as it so supple .


Jr Hunter
Got armor in from Commission from Fettfullof$$ Great BB day!! Looks great and the detail is amazing!
Thoughts on this and basic 501st approval?
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Jr Hunter
I have the same issue with my DeltaMike ammo belt.. dropped weight for the build to get to “fighting weight” .. now ammo belt needs adjustment
You try anything successfully?


Jr Hunter
Looking for a couple suggestions , My aluminum stalk does not have holes/threads to attach the rf topper. any suggestions? I was thinking something like jb weld or goop but would hate for it to get knocked off or come off easily.