Greetings from East Tennessee!


New Hunter
Hello all. My name is Josh. Long time lurker, first post! I've only very recently been assembling my ESB Boba Fett costume. I did use TDH years back as a reference for a custom 12" Boba Fett figure that Hot Toys has made obsolete.

I've been reluctant to introduce myself as I have very little progress to show. Also, this whole thing started when I received the Hasbro Black Series helmet for Father's Day. My son is 8 months old. My wife bought me the helmet and it gave me the itch to finally put a cosplay together. Rest assured the Hasbro (with minor mods) helmet will be a placeholder for now.

So, my current pieces are:

- Hasbro helmet
- Bobamaker chest and back armor
- Fettronics board setup for chest armor
- Man of War jetpack
- Man of War gauntlets
- cheap 3D printed EE-3
- various fabrics, buckles, zippers, eyelets, etc.

My brother is a wiz with a sewing machine. But between our work schedules and you know, being a dad, not a lot of progress as of now.

So, I hope to show y'all my build soon. In the meantime I shall be admiring all the beautiful work I've seen here.