Greedo Greedo Latex mask and hands

Discussion in 'Original Trilogy Bounty Hunters' started by Bhunter222, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Bhunter222

    Bhunter222 New Member

    P1040683.jpg P1040679.jpg

    Here are some pictures of my Greedo mask and hands that I built. Sorry its took me so long to add this thread! Its a fully wearable mask. You can see further pictures of the build on my facebook page

    Thanks for looking !

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  2. Gato

    Gato New Member

    Love it. They look great.
  3. DeadasaJodo

    DeadasaJodo Jr Member

    Outstanding work Chris. Is that the first one you made or the mark 2?
  4. machineAfett

    machineAfett Member

    wow your stuff is pretty amazing. You have a great talent. Thanks for sharing
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  5. ObitomoFett

    ObitomoFett Jr Member

    Would you be looking at selling this too?
  6. AtomWest

    AtomWest Jr Member

    Looks great! How well is it ventilated? Doe the eyes fog up easily?
  7. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    Yes there are 3 people selling Greedo masks currently I believe...he is one of them.
  8. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    All Greedo masks are fully enclosed latex masks with the only ventilation coming from what little can come under the mask and through the small mouth area. I personally built a unique helmet fan system that helps a lot with the lens fogging up and the humidity/discomfort that occurs in the mask by literally pumping air out of the mask to the small of my back. This has the added benefit of drawing fresh, cooler air into the mask which aids in cooling and reducing fogging of the eyes.
  9. killerkeith

    killerkeith New Member

    Who are the other 2 sellers? Greedo seems to be a hard to find character.
  10. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    I'd recommend reading more on


    Beyond those I personally have an Eric Lubatti mask


    There are two other masks that people have also used to obtain 501st approval. An old Don Post mask and older Rubies mask. Both of these occasionally pop up on ebay...but they are far from accurate.

    Chris Stevens, Cunningham, and Woodman all make a beautiful mask that is mostly accurate IMO, I only have a couple of things I dislike about the detail on their masks....and to be fair I'm one of maybe 15 people that would know the difference and see them.
  11. BobaFett1313

    BobaFett1313 Jr Member

    Fantastic looking Greedo

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  12. Greedo10360

    Greedo10360 New Member

    That really is some quite amazing work!
  13. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Now that I've seen this I want to sculpt a greedo head :D

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