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Lots of you have been asking, and we're trying to put up a pic with arrows indicating all the colors that we've tried. Just to let you know, ours are just a best guess. The two main types of paint that we used were Tamiya and Testors Acrylic Paint. We used oil based but, some water based might be easier if you can get the same color. You can get gooey problems and messes that are hard to clean when it comes to oil based acrylics. More info on the colors this weekend :D
Sorry for such the long wait-- Here is the link for all the greeb paint I used!
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Thanks ZIA... :D

Think I'm going to stick with acrylics though... much easier to work with IMHO ... not such a hassle to clean up!

Question though... what did you use to attach the lacing to the greebs?
Tamiya and testors are acrylics :) They are just brands that I used from my local hobbyshop. The come in water based and oil based acrylic forms. You have to pick between oil based or water based. Water based is easier clean up.

We mixed a lot of colors, so, those may be off a bit. Oh, and it was mustard, not yellow that we used on top of the bottle greeb.

edit MM~ I glued the leatherbackings to attatch laces. I will show yas on the other thread when i get home.
Yep.... what I meant was water based acrylics. Had a bad experience with turpentine when I was 7... :D

All the original greebs look like they have a sort of "antiquing" to them as well... darkening them up a bit... making them looked more "used" (code word for dirty!).

I'm about 1/2 way through painting them up... no pics though. Once I'm done I'll post a pic.
Ok, there was talk about me being a slow poke, so I am getting out the whip on yall. You know who you are, fess up and start the pics of your paint jobs....Show me the PICS!!!! If you don't make the New Years' resolution now, you might not be done in time for C3. There is TONS more painting to do than just these little dohickys.
Started painting the greebs but I got a few robe commissions so everything is on hold until after the new year.

That and my head is too big (helmet doesn't fit). So I'm waiting for either my head to shrink or to see if DCB can work his magic. So the costume is pending the helmet at this point.

Zam I Am wrote:

You know who you are, fess up and start the pics of your paint jobs....Show me the PICS!!!! If you don't make the New Years' resolution now, you might not be done in time for C3. There is TONS more painting to do than just these little dohickys.

*zzzzz..... huh... doh... hmm...zzzzzzz*

Oh.. uh... were you talking to me ZIA? ;)

I dunno... maybe it has something to do with the costume... we all seem to be slow on this don't we? erm.. well... at least I'm not the only slowpoke on it! :D Mine's gotta wait until after the New Year!

Actually, have the greebs half painted. Just details and a final fixative on all but one... which hasn't been touched yet! However, have all the rest of the parts and materials for the skirt (lacing, etc) assembled and ready for production... and the veil/hood thingy as well. Parts for the holster are ready to go... The rifle has been disassembled and is awaiting paint, etc.

Nothing picture worthy yet though... *sighs*
OK, finally started painting the greeblies a bit. :lol:

My big discovery!!!!!

I was painting the leg key today and was wondering about that lime green color that is a major part of the paint job.

Well, my roomate paints a bit and has gotten back into it lately, so there are little bottles of acrylic all around. Sitting at the table eating lunch today, I glace over and see this one color sitting there on the kitchen counter and was like "Holy crap! That's it!". I grabbed the paint and the Zam reference CD and found some pics, held the paint jar right next to the computer screen and it's practically the exact same shade!!!!

He probably got the paints from Michaels Crafts, since there's one right down the street from us. It's one of those little 2 oz. bottles of Acrylic paints. The brand is Apple Barrel Colors, and the color is AQUAMARINE (stock # 20774).

Thanks Mr. Fett! I gotta go pick up some gold anyway... :D I'm 90% done on 2 of them... 75% on another and probably 25% on the rest, including the broach... Once I get them done, I'll post some pics.

I've pretty much been following ZIA's lead on this, except I'm using some bronze instead of the copper/gold mix and I've added some bronze to the little bottle greeblie too. You'll see. :)
Finally got my pics back to prove that I am really and actually working on my Zam costume! ;) Here goes....

Overview of all the Greebs:


Some of my pics came out even more blurry than these! - that's what I get for using a cheap camera eh? ;) Will take some more pictures soon - with my good camera!

Arm Greeblie:


Mouse Greeblie:


Leg Greeblie:


Comments? Critiques?
Kathy started painting the greeblies tonight. I think they'll turn out fine based on the first piece she did :) :


Since this is a picture of a picture, in regards to the photo on the table, the lighting doesn't reflect the same but in real life, they look almost identical.
Yes... lots of weathering... washes, etc. I painted them, then sealed them, then did the weathering and retouching, etc.

I actually retouched mine from the above rather blurry pics :angry I still need to re-do the leg "Universal Key" greeb though. I'm not happy with it... not yet anyway.
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