greaves... clone ones

....... well i mean.. yea know.. heheheh
yes yes episode 2, i haven;t seen 1 in soo long. but shin armor none the least i need templates for!
ya didnt mean to sound like a jerk earlier, but ya i'd suggest a re-title of your thread in the cargo hold to WTB clone shin armor. Greaves are for the jolly old english!(y):p


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Shin armor, greaves, depends what crowds you hang out with. My first costuming/armor stuff was medival. Sewing tunics and linking chainmail. Most people with more-than-just-sci-fi background know what a greeve is.
But then, ever sense armor use when into rapid decline with the advancement of firearms 'greeve' has definately left common usage. Which ever title you end up using in the three days I've been here the folks here seem very helpful. I have no doubt you will find what you need, or at the least a sign 'post' on where to find it.