Great idea on cheap mats for armor


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Well, I've been contemplating various ways to make some of the smaller parts of armor myself without going out and buying a bunch of stuff. Then I came up with something. I could use DvD cases, cut them, and heat them so i can add a curve. The reason that would make such great sense, is because my brother works at Blockbuster. He is always bringing home boxes upon boxes of DvDs from work that they are getting rid of. None of the movies are any good, so I find various uses for them. My computer for example consists of a piece of glass on top of stacks of DvDs. So, I guess that's what I shall do for some of the smaller parts for my custom mando.

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I assume you're talking about the black cases. Couple of questions:

How well do they bond to each other and other stuff?

How well do they hold paint?


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Looking at the black DVD cases, are you sure they will hold their shape well? They seem very flexible even before heating.

Maybe you should search here for the "trashcan armor" technique. A way to make armor using a trash can that will only cost you a couple of bucks.
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