Got some beetlefix fiberglass armor

Rich D

Active Hunter
Got this little package in the mail today. eBay, a little over $100 plus a ton more for shipping from UK. Everything I needed except the kidney armor, which I'll probably make out of sintra. Shipped with decals too, not pictured.

I'll probably use the technique TK-409 recommended to bend a few of the items into a better shape. Then, off to buy some paint!


MandalorFett said:
Wow, that's nice armor, but why did you get the ESB version?

Obviously, you haven't heard of the upcoming "ANH Super Special Edition", where Boba Fett has the ROTJ helmet, and all yellow armor (before he painted the green top coat). It's gonna be totally "canon", for reals. :lol:

I can't believe I typed "for reals".
-Warning Geek content!-

Actualy I think The yellow parts of Boba Fett's armor is the paint changing colors before it flakes off, if you notice its a yellow oxidized color. Not the same color as the rest of the armor.
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