Got my bucket...


You could mask it a bit with a little bondo and a lot of patients, but if you can get another one, I would!


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It's definitely too narrow, although the photo is so close I can't get a good perspective. The vertical part of the band behind it looks really wide.
It was an ebay purchase from a tdh member that I had read only positive reviews from. Unfortunately, it appears those were misleading/misinformed. I have requested a return and will be purchasing a new helmet from one of the more reputable craftsman here on tdh. Being a new member makes it difficult...guess I'll have to wait another 70 days...

Side note: the limited edition wool cape I purchased from MOW is a beautiful piece!


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There's nothing to stop you sending a private message before the 70 days are up.

The helmet is not good in my opinion. Ebay or not there's no excuse for sending out something like that; there's obviously something wrong with it.
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Think he goes without the 69 on here??
Yeah thanks, I just tied it all up. The only fly in the ointment is that this looks like the for sale pictures so it's not substantially different. It just looks like a really bad recast. I'm not sure what of. Shame. Hope it works out for you.


MR recast.
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