got a bic?

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does this look like the bottom of a bic lighter?

if some can scan the bottom of there bic (it needs to be the "max" or full size lighter)
Hmm, interesting possibility...I'll have to peek at a bic next time I'm in the convenience store.
A bic is a little too large. Even the small bics are a bit too big.
Wow! Way to nail the shape! However, I have to agree with fettcicle. That piece is TINY!
Did anyone ever shed any light on the BIC lighter being used for the right gauntlet? Be it a MINI,or SLIM............

HELLO Everyone can i suggest something here to help. I beleive
its just the bottom part of any existing aluminum rod or pipe.Beleive me i find weird pieces of metal all over places every time , and lots of these pieces are just miscellanious
and can be used to finish certain projects.
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