Good paint alternative to Gold plating?


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I am building a little secret prop for my tusken costume and I wanted to know if there were any good paint alternatives to gold plating something? THe thing will be weathered but I want it to start out with a nice shiny gold base before the weathering dulls it down a bit. Any one?
Have you checked any auto stores? I imagine gold paint for cars would be alot better then any spray paints, cause it will have a similat affect like a silver spray paint. I think even that they make gold rub and buff if your good with getting a decent shine off of it. Just my suggestion.

Yeah, I was going to say that I think I remember seeing a gold rub n buff product. Other than that...I've seen some pretty shiny gold spray paint too.
I've used testors metalizer paints before & liked the results, although I've never used gold, but the brass looks just like brass!! ;)
liquid leaf. You can get it at craft stores and even comes in pen form if you only need a little or just need to do edges.
Someone else mentioned the gold rub and buff but we are talking a pretty decent sized prop and I think that would be too difficult to do. I really want something that can either be sprayed out of a traditional can or from an airbrush.
I have a can of gold spraypaint that looks pretty good.\

I don't have a very good pic of what I used it for, but it looks pretty good.
I don't rememebr off-hand what brand it is, but next time I'm by the shed I'll check for you.
There's the Plastikote spray cans that some of the guys over at the 3po builders site have used but I don't think anyone has found a source for it in the states. You'll have to get someone in the UK to ship you some.
Goldleaf kit from a craft store. You spray the item with adhesive and apply a gold leaf film and clear coat. looks really good if done correctly.
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