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I'm new here and I finally bought my first helmet. I've been looking all over these forums for days trying to find anything on ROTJ helmets but everything I found is outdated and none of the links work. I want to know what the colors on the ROTJ helmet are because it seems everyone goes for the ESB look. I also don't know where I'd get any of these paints. So any help would be greatly appreciated because I really don't wanna mess this up.


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For the Best Photos of Both Version Helmets (ROTJ and ESB)

Try Here:


Username: tdhmember
Password: ilovetdh

The paint colors are listed here, I know what I listed is for the ESB Version but I believe that the ROTJ colors are also Testors paints (TDH members correct me if I'm wrong!) :


or this page:

Here's a great page for painting Helmets:

Good luck with your painting, and have Fun!



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thanks man I needed some pictures of the back of it and I think I found what colours I'm gonna use even if its not exactly like ROTJ but I think its gonna be close enough. Where would you find Testor and Rogue paints cuz those are the ones I need.


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If you're looking for Testors paints, most good hobby shops carry a wide selection. They should have the 'Model Master' line, that's what a lot of folks use. Or there's testor.com.
The Rogue colors that everyone is referring to isn't actually a brand of paint. It's the name of one of the members here who did a looooooooot of research into the actual colors used on the film helmets.
Hope that helps, and welcome!


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well that saves me a lot of time looking lol thanks i found the paints i need now i just gotta buy an airbrush. Now for the weathered look, how do you do that?
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I'm not claiming accuracy at all, but here's my helmet I've been working on. It's ROTJ, and I had similar issues to yours when I was gathering reference. Paint colors I found are just slightly different, but ESB base colors will work if that's what you have. I list all the paints I used in my progress pictures too.

The best reference I found, was Steve The Swede's tutorial on Star Wars Helmets.com

Good luck on your helmet!


Thanks a lot! I'm pretty pleased with it! That was my first real big painting project like that, I've done a Scout helmet from KS, but no real painting, and I do up Jason hockey masks, but that's completely different painting. That Fett was my first try with an airbrush, so you don't have to be a weathered pro to get some results, sure it helps though! But just go slow and take your time, and above all else, enjoy it!


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my helmet finally came in and its a glorious feeling to own one. i got my paints bein shipped in soon and im startin the sanding and primer period now