GMH ROTJ helmet paintjob


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Hey guys,
Havent posted for a while on here, but ive been working on my first ever Jedi paintjob for a client. Big thanks to him firstly for trusting me on this means ive never done one before, so thanks :lol:. The helmet is a GMH fiberglass kit from the one and only FP, the ears are the beautiful ali ones done on here a while back. Helmet is all layered apart from the red which is topical, everything is free handed as well with a custom color list. What do you guys think?









If you guys are interested, I have more work up on my Facebook page, be grateful if you could check it out and give me a like;




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Amazing work as always Lewis. Are you planning on putting together a ROTJ video tutorial similar to your ESB?


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Thanks for the compliments guys. I guess I can do another video series, but it would pretty much be the same process as the Empire lid, just painting it in the style of the Jedi. As for the PP damage, the client requested it be left in, he didnt want to molest or alter the GMH in any way, but I added the extra scratch on the left eye to match the damage.

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Yeh thats what I didnt each his own I guess.

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Did you use Jayvees humbrol list? It looks nice
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Yeah but I understand the idea of keeping the helmet pure, this is the closest we have until the EFX one comes out. I have one myself and im not sure what to do with it yet. Would like to do it empire style but its missing that flare look, so its either a Jedi like the one above or pure PP style. As for the colours they are all my own, all humbrol though. Hardest one was the lower cheeks, so difficult to get the right shade


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Thanks for the compliments guys. I guess I can do another video series, but it would pretty much be the same process as the Empire lid, just painting it in the style of the Jedi.
I would totally be interested in this. Wouldn't need the first 10 or so episodes because all the prep work should be relatively the same, but the painting style is so different. I learn by watching and doing - so paint up threads, while helpful, don't get me the best learning experience because I'm not seeing the artist work. Your videos on the ESB helmet are bang on and very easy to follow.


Lewis thanks for those videos - while my lid certainly didn't approach your level of detail and craftsmanship your videos were great help during the process! Thanks again and this ROTJ lid is awesome


Really nice work mate. Did you use wine 73 for the red? If so, i think Floquil caboose is a better representation of the ROTJ red, and I think the closer Humbrol colour is Humbrol 100 (red Brown) if memory serves me correctly. The killstripes look a fraction short too, but thats being pretty pedantic.. Overall - splendid job, the damage is well represented, and the colours work really great together. Should be rapt with this one brother, congrats! (y)


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Fantastic! Great job. It must have taken ages!. Kudos to the owner for letting the heritage show thru.
Lucky him

( the skills of you guys on this board continue to amaze me!)


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Thanks guys, the helmet is now stateside and the owner is pleased with it, and so am I.
As for the red it was a custom mix of red 60, 73 and I think some blue. The whole helmet looked a little darker in person than what is shown in the photos. I also got it signed by Bulloch as well for the client, as well as my own GMH :)