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I see that some velcros can't adhere to fabric. What kind of glue will adhere to fabric? I don't want to pay the expense of getting my flak vest to have velcro sewn on it. Though it already some velcro sewn on it. I need to glue another strip of velcro in order that my flak vest will fit me with my braided belt on.



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When I did my first Boba costume and I wasn't at all sure about the placement of the velcro or even if that was the way to go so I simply safety pinned regular (non-sticky) velcro to the vest. It certainly held in place and no one but me knew I had a billion safety pins on. But I eventually changed it to a combination of velcro and snaps. Now on my second costume I only have snaps with no velcro. I find the armor "sits" much better with the snaps than with the velcro and I hated how the velcro was always catching on my dang wookie braids.

Snaps are certainly something that you can install yourself without needing to sew (you just need a hammer and something to poke a hole through the fabric with) and the other side just glues to the armor.

As far as gluing the velcro to the fabric I really don't think it will ever be strong enough. I, in a pinch on my old costume, used some industrial velcro with velcro glue and while it stuck permanently to the armor it soon came off of the vest leaving a nasty mess.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks BFett333 for the info.

I'm going to have my velcro sewn onto my flight suit. I was going to glue it to my flak vest. But you said you had a mess with it I might get it sewn on too. I just needed an extra strip inside so that it can fit snugly. Again thanks.


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Fabri-Tac. You can find it at Walmart in the hobby/arts/craft section. It holds everything together on my Jango including the vest and holsters.