Glove project Need your input



Fellow hunters, While trying to address the needs of Bounty hunters galaxy wide we have seen a need for accurate gloves. So please get back with Us here at MANDALORIAN OUTFITTERS.

ROTJ GLOVE COLORS: Dark Grey or Light for the base color?
Forehand and finger details White or Off white?
How many section of quilting on the Forehand?

CUFF: zipped, Velcro Or no closures at all? how FAR PAST THE WRIST WOULD YOU PREFER?


PRE-PRO glove: Colors.
THERE IS NO MIN order ON THESE GLOVES PRICE WILL BE APPROXIMATELY $40- $55.00**, CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR HAND(PROVIDE TRACE OF YOUR HAND PLEASE)Price is shipped to your Planet. Once we have decided on a colors for each version we will start cranking them out. if you have any questions let us Know!

**price has changed for TDH members $30.00**
The prototype glove will be ready in 1 week. the proto glove is Light grey with white. Velcro closure at wrist. Will post Pics asap.

mandaloriangear1 wrote:

The prototype glove will be ready in 1 week. the proto glove is Light grey with white. Velcro closure at wrist. Will post Pics asap.

That's my boy!!! Good job Scott!
In case you didn't know Jedi-Bob, this is Scott. He's the other half of the Boba Fett boots with me.

Really interesting project. Like I tolk Jango_Wes in private, these ones are going to be cool for the guys who can't afford for S1 gloves or don't have a pair of those...or just to simply have an extra pair as a backup just in case.

Can't wait to see the prototype!

The ESB gloves are grey. Here's a pic:
WOOO HOOO someone is makeing Pre-pro gloves!!! You have no idea how happy I am that I don't have to make these on my own! Those are the right patches but they were dyed brown. Right after DC I will take a pair with patches if you could dye them that would be cool if you cant not a big deal.

I think the RotJ was light grey. I also think the patches should be white and we can then weather them to our own tastes.

Fastenings? a button is accurate, but velcro would be easier to get on and off at cons/troops, etc, and is more adjustable than a zip.

A couple of inches past the wrist would be good IMO

Number of sections on the patches? Hang on, I'll dive into the ref CD. Back in a mo.........

OK here's a fairly good pic of the glove from the Ref CD (Thanks Braks & Secol):


Very light grey gloves. White, but dirty patches. 5 sections (4 lines of stitching) on the back of the hand patch. Don't forget the patch on the left hand is shorter than the one on the right.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. ;)


Im taking keep it coming. The ROTJ glove Light grey base w/ white detailng.
ESB Glove Darker grey w/ White detailing
5 section on the Forehand. w/ 4 Lines of stiching
The Pad on Left glove is shorter... How much shorter? Post A pic if you guys have it. cuz I didnt Know that!!!!
The cuff will be about 3.5 Inches past the wrist to insure that it stays put Inside the guantlets, with a velcro draw strap.... I can do a snap if you prefer.
One last question... would you prefer the glove lined or unlined.can offer it either way, using a soft satin type material for the liner. Also if you are doing a custom Mandalorian Characters costume I can/ will build to your Specs. IE: j Kast or????
Liking what I hear so far.

Here are some pics showing the different sized patches I was on about. These are RotJ from the MOM pics on the Ref CD. I assume they are the same shape/size for all versions. No doubt an ESB or pre-pro officionado will chime in if I'm wrong :).

Left Glove:


Right glove:


For a close-up of both pics, go to pics 297 and 298 on the BOBA FETT REF CD V1.0

Hope this helps.

Any idea of timescales or price? No worries if not, just let us know when you can.

Many thanks.

Again, I'd be cautious going by the color of the MoM or AOSW gloves if you are doing a Jedi pair. I don't believe the gloves in Jedi were as light as what we see at MoM or AOSW.

I'll have to dig up the photo again.

Of course if you are doing an SE suit, then the MoM/AOSW color would be just perfect.

tylerdurden wrote:

Again, I'd be cautious going by the color of the MoM or AOSW gloves if you are doing a Jedi pair. I don't believe the gloves in Jedi were as light as what we see at MoM or AOSW.

Absolutely right TD. I put the pics up to show the patch shapes, not for colour reference - I should have said. I think they are too pale in the pics I posted (years of storage and washing etc I expect).

HERE'S A LINK TO PIC 27 on the ref CD which isn't great for colour referencing, but does show they aren't as light as the MOM pics. I think they were lighter than ESB, but not so light as MOM.

Look forward to seeing your pics Tyler!

Yes, Han Hunter, that is one of the other pics I had in mind showing a slightly darker glove color than MOM. I like it because it is a still directly from the movie.

This behind the scenes image also shows a dark glover:

Nice shot! I think it's made ever so slightly darker due to the early morning light and the way the shadows are cast, etc, but clearly shows it to be much darker than MoM/AoSW.

Fellow Hunters,
I will Have Pics Of The ROTJ version by end of Buisness today. Jango_Wes will be posting them. These Gloves are the PROTOTYPEs.
As well I will Have a Pic of the JODO KAST version.
As soon as I can determine the True Color of the PREPRODUCTION glove I will have those as well.
I am leaning towards a Dark Tan Base w/ An Off White or TAn Patterns. With The patches in a dyed Brown Color.
All of the folks that have helped me out with suggestion I thank you.
The Proto Gloves are Not Lined, But I will make the production Glove with Or without for an additional 7.00. The Liner is a very comfy Satin Material. it does make them cooler to wear for extented periods.
Scott, Mandalorion Outfitters
I think the Prepro gloves should be a dark brown with a lighter almost golden brown fingers and back with the dyed round patches. I really don't think off white is what it should be. Take a look at those pics I posted before in this thread. That is just my opnion and I could be wrong.
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