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I went a little different way and bought a western girth (not an English one like you guys are doing) for about $6. It isn't an exact match for the orignial costume, but the only people who would know that are you guys, so I feel okay with this. Besides, the one large buckle is very easy to work with and, I think, looks better. Here it is:
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That looks promising. I hope it works out well for you.
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How many inches do you guys think that they shrink?
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They will shrink an incredible amount. I would say nearly in half!!! The way to get around this is to get a 2X4 and drive nails into it spaced the exact length you wish your belt to be. Immediately upon rinsing your belt afetr dying, hook each end over the nails. You may have to stretch it a bit but not much. If you wait till it dries you can pretty much forget it!
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:eek: thx for the tip BB.
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Originally posted by Lord of all that is Fett:

The Rope Belt is actually a mohair horse girth with a diagonal weave. The girth is attached at each buckle end with 2" wide black nylon straps (elastic would be a good alternative or even leather from an old belt)that are sewn into place. There are a total of four buckles on the girth. Most girths that match the description above should be ordered in white then dyed to match your favorite Fett/Mandalorian. Pre-prod/ESB Fett is Dark Brown while ROTJ Fett is Dark Red. There is a tutorial on proper dyeing techniques for the girth. A popular supplier of girths is their model #509802 sizes 38" to 52" in white. -Mark

<<edit: added model number for girth>>TK1028
Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

Unless State Line Tack has changed their supplier of mohair girthes they are selling the wrong girth (cross weave). Rider's Supply offers the correct belt. Check out the pic below for more info on the three most popular online girth suppliers.


Here is a pic from MotM. You can clearly see the 1" black straps that hold the girth together. They are sewn to the buckles on one side and buckle like a belt to the other. I am no longer convinced that these straps are elastic although I still feel elastic would best suit the situation as they would could cause the girth to hug the wearer's waist where a regular strap would need to be tightened very snuggly to keep it in place...
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Originally posted by TK0000:

I ordered one from riders supply, bit they are out of stock! Anybody know where I can get a correct one of these?
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Originally posted by WebChief:

I got mine off ebay and did the whole boiling in RIT dye on the stove thing months ago. It worked great!

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Bardo Fett,
I didn't dye mine I spray painted it with Krylon satin Burgandy. No shrinkage there.
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You need to go to
Type in mohair non slip girth.14 strand with A double buckle
wich is the correct style.They come only in white.
good luck
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Boba's is fourteen, seven on the top strand and seven on the bottom strand. I believe that Jango's is the same, but I will double check my pics from C2 later today when I get home.
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If you are doing Jango, the belt is a custom made, braided leather belt with about 20 rows in in.
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I had a heap of trouble getting my belt to dye to begiun with. I finally discovered two things:

1. USE ACCETONE. You can usually get it in a can from Wal-Mart ore K-Mart. Put the girth in a large metal bowl and pour the accetone over it. The girth will probably soak up most of the accetone and what it doesn't soak up will most likely evaporate over night. BE SURE TO WASH THE GIRTH THOROUGHLY before attempting to dye!!!

2. Get a big pot and use it to dye the girth. I tried using a turkey pan in the oven and that didn't work at all so I got a large metal pot (again from K-Mart) and used that. Heat the dye/water almost up to boiling. If you bought the right girth (cotton) it WILL take the dye.
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Hard to believe it's been a year since we all were going through the fiasco of dying girths huh Braks :lol: I think you must have bought 3 of them right? I had 2 myself :lol:

The funny part is that I'm still not done my ESB Fett,.....and to think that I started this costume to "out-do" a local guys ROTJ Fett because he snubbed my GT Trooper armor.I'll have the last laugh come Fett comparison time because the jealousy will eat him up,but my wallet is hurting evermore :lol:

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I soaked my belt in acetone all night and the dye still didn't take.....I ended up spray painting it....It looks good that way too.
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I've read that you use accetone so the girth belt will take the dye better. My question is how much do you need and how do you dispose of it afterwards.
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I dyed mine with RIT and it never really took enough so I ended up spray painting mine as well. Burgandy and black mixed... came out fine and doesn't rub off like you might think it would.
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I haven't done this method myself,but when alot of guys were doing it,they soaked the girth completely in Acetone.I don't know if they submerged it,but it was definitely supposed to be soaked.As far as what to do with it when you're finished with it,I don't know what to tell you.It does evaporate rather quickly.You could always dump it on some concrete,and light it at night time for some pretty blue flames :evil

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