Girth??? Can this be dyed???

I tried to die my mohair girth.I got it to the brown I wanted.
Then I realized it should be red.So I bleached it.It went back
to white in just A few minutes.Then I died it several times.I
still could not get it to the right color of red.I let it dry then I broke down and dusted it with red paint.As long as you
let it dry,and don't try to wash it your fine.Just dust it from 3 feet away.I would not use A heavy coat.Just dust it.
What worked well for me on my girth is "Design Master" floral spray. My girlfriend
made the girth out of canvas and 100% polyester. First she let it soak for a whole
day in Rit dark brown dye...but it came out almost perfectly white (except now it
had a hint of brown). She then sprayed it with the floral spray (the color was called
"October Brown") and it came out a real nice reddish-brown color.

You can buy the stuff at Michael's craft stores or probably just about any other craft
store that sells fake flowers.
Cheers guys.

Think i'll try and find the darkest red/brown dye I can get, soak them and try hitting it with the spray after that.

Mucho thanks :)

I originally died my girth a wine colour(looked brown/red on box) but it came out purple. so I bleached it and died it reg brown. Anyone tried to add another dye to make it redish brown? It's a dark brown right now. I don't really want to paint it.
Quote:....What other option would I have. Anyone ever tried spray paiting Nylon hehe.....

I actually dyed mine at first but it would never come out quite the color I wanted so I ended up touching it up with spray paint. I used a rust color primer and misted it on. If I had a decent digital camera, I would post pics, but I think it turned out good. It gave me the color I wanted plus looked a little weathered.
I actually hand painted mine. I used coffee bean color from Folk Art, then misted over it with red oxide primer spray paint. It turned out great.
Don't forget THIS...

Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

I recently sent several of my picture from MoM to the RIT dye company. If you send RIT a color sample they will tell you what combination of dyes to mix to match the color. They were a bit nervous about trying to match from pictires but I sent many of my MoM pics so they could see the girth in different lighting conditions. Here is their reply on what colors to use to attain the RotJ color. I'll bet the comnbination will suprise you especially considering this is the RotJ girth.
Try the following recipe. Comparing to all of the photos you provided,
this recipe is the most compatible.

Powder RIT
1 package Dark Brown
1 Tablespoon Wine

Liquid RIT
1/2 cup Dark Brown
1/4 cup Wine

I am going to give this a try sometime this week and will post the results as soon as I am done...
i had a nylon girth also, i tried the rit dark brown and whine mix and it turned it more of a purple. i also shrunk the crap out of it cause i heard the dye would hold better if i simmered it on the stove. i need to buy a new one now, i'll try and get the mohair one or maybe cotton if i can find it and see if i have better luck with that one.
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