Well-Known Hunter

I just wanted to update the board on this issue I had with Galactic bounty hunter.
Those that don’t remember here’s the thread.
I wanted to bring this up again because it was made so public and Hoped that someone got something out of it….

Well there is good news and more to the story…….Not to worry it’s a HAPPY ending.:)

I have been in contact again with ERIC (GBH), and we have basically “Kissed and made-up”.(y)
We, As MEN, have discussed our differences and I’m happy to report that not only are we on speaking terms…… but most importantly... we are friends again.(y)

So the moral to the story is…………
that in the end this Board is like family to some of us………sometimes you fight, and sometimes you laugh……and sometimes you just have to be the bigger man and swallow your pride and admit that maybe you were wrong about someone.
I was.

NOW…enough of the blah blah blah….and on to the GOOD stuff…!!!!!!!(y)

I have completed GBH’s helmet and I must say it’s pretty DAMN Sweet!!! 8) ……….
Here's what it started out as ….. his is the wavy brow.

AND here's the finished product……………………………………Sorry Eric, I couldn’t wait.:lol: ;)








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:eek: Damn Spidey, that is one sweet looking helmet! Your paint jobs just keep getting better and better. (y)
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Wow. I meant to say......Wow.
Other than that................Wow.

Can't think of anything else to say.
Yeah I remember this issue. Glad to see things got patched up, looks likes everyone's a winner. GBH-looks like to got a killer bucket, in exchange for you patience. That has to be among the best on here. Congrats:cheers
Awesome helmet, but even better to see you guys getting your differences resolved! There is nothing worse than unresolved contension between fellow boardmemebers!
OK! I think it's time I chimed in regarding this now "RESOLVED" issue.(y)

It's weird how things can seem to go so wrong so quickly and you don't even know how you got there, but in the end Spidey and I have talked things it out and it's all good now! I've said this before and I'll say it again, keep the lines of communication open, when we don't, things run amuck, real quick and all people can do at that point is conjecture and takes sides, it's never a good thing. Spidey's got allot of talent and does great work, unfortunately he just hit a snag on this one, but as whole he's a good guy and anyone here would be lucky to get him to do some painting for them. I'm just glad we managed to work things out and if we ever ran into each other at a convention we could shake hands and maybe have a :cheers
Now, Move Along, Move Along!

P.S. Props go out to PavesSpawn & Womo68 for providing some go between assistance on the matter.(y)


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