Gauntlets question ebay


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Hey everybody,

anyone ever tried theses gauntlets form little-monkey2007.

the are a bargain but no idea if they are good. Looks like its all not disconnectable...but for that money...
Whats your opinion?

edited the URL out ;-)
just have a look on yourself on ebay...
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Hey Nomit...
My mate here in Blighty has a pair that he is working on, there is a fair amount of clean up required but as he is a custom Mando this did not concern him. I do not know much about this seller either...

Side note: Your not really allowed to post ebay auctions that are not your own? (you can delete it by editing your post)

p.s. I do *think* you are allowed to post the pic? (y)


hey Nomit - recognise that name of MMCC :D

I must admit I was curious too. I put a bid in for GBP30 that got accepted - so will let u know once I get em.

.... Looks like its all not disconnectable...but for that money...

In my hands anything can be disconnected ! Oops soz I meant broken rofl



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Hi all,
Got the gauntlets from little-monkey last month...good comminication & helpful.You'll need some work on the kit but all in all a great bargain.Got mine for GBP45...


about little-monkey2007

Having issues with a purchase from this guy which hasn't showed up now after 11 weeks.
If anyone in blighty knows him, I'd like a response to my messages and the possibility of a refund since its past the ebay 45day cut off for disputes.