Gauntlet Switches, Buttons, and Greeblies?


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I'm assembling some ROTJ-style gauntlets for a Jodo Kast build. I have a bit of wiggle room because he's a comic representation, but I'd like to use roughly the same switches and buttons as the original ROTJ Fett used.

I've found switches for the flamer, and the red LED on the back of the left side gauntlet, but I was wondering what folks suggested for the following:

Right gauntlet right side buttons:

Left gauntlet toggle switch for red LED:

and the right gauntlet button to toggle the LED in the front (eveready light?)

Any help would be hot :) I usually buy in bulk every month from Newark


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The right gauntlet side buttons are alco switches. The switch type thing by the red LED is something I'm still looking for. And the last one by the eveready light is not present on ROTJ, just pre-prod (either way I'm not sure what it is).