MachineCraft Gauntlet Rocket - COPPER *LIMITED*

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MachineCraft Hollow Gauntlet Rocket (Copper)
- Three-piece design (Aluminum Body, Copper Cone, and Aluminum Tip)
- Hollow construction provides 30% weight reduction over previous MachineCraft rockets.
- Three 4-40" Threaded holes on bottom side for easy and secure attachment to gauntlets
- Made in the USA


Shipping Notice: Because of the new design of the rocket, shipping these is more difficult and has to be done via priority mail. We can however fit more items into the same box to save on shipping. International sales are especially expensive for the rockets when sending via International Priority. Please email us if you have any questions regarding shipping.

NOTE: If purchasing multiple items, please email us at and we can combine shipping costs. Please mention you found this listing on TDH.


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These are officially out of stock! If you would like one, please post below and we will keep tabs of interest here. We would need a minimum of 10 to get another run of these done. These are one of the only items we will do 'runs' of.
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