Gauntlet Question.


I am finishing the last few parts on my custom mando outfit. The one last major part i need is the Gauntlets. I was hoping someone could tell me where i could get them in kit form so i can customize them for the costume. Not sure the average measurements so here is my arm maeasurments to help. From rist to elbow is 8 1/2 inches, wrist is 6 inches around and forarm is 11 1/4 inches around. Thanks for any help............Rob
If you do a general search, you can find different makers. Try that and see what you come up with. If still empty, send me a pm. I can give you some ideas.

Good luck!
It also depends on if you want fiberglass, resin, or vac formed constructed gauntlets...and especially what your budget is.

thanks for all the help. I really only need a good durable set that i would be wearing 3 to 4 times a year at the cons i go to. As for a budget i can go around $100 or such. I would even go for a set that is used and i could repaint (customize) for my mando outfit. I will look around here to get an idea and check back for any sugestions. I am hoping to get the outfit done by Hallowcon in Chattanooga Tn the last weekend of October.
PM Ruffkintoy then, he has the most affordable gauntlets while sacrificing no accuracy. His gauntlets are vac-formed, and should be fine as long as you dont throw them off the empire state building.
I made my "prepro" White Fett gauntlets by using QT big gulp cups as forms and heated and wrapped sintra around the cups for the main gauntlet element. I also used pens, toy gun parts and pinewood derby car parts.

What is QT? and wow that was really inventive. I wonder... if fiberglass, wood and plastic are all compatible. If so it would be really easy to do your own.
for my custom mando I used believe it or not I used soccer shin guards for my gauntlets and they turned out very cool after I painted them and added a few things..
came home at lunch time and was able to take the pics..

Yeah, I actually am epoxying my shinplates to a pair of shingaurds, gona make it hella esier. I've actually descovered after making my own custom gauntlets that you can rpetty much make them out of Trash Can Plastic (or sintra) and wood pretty easily. Mind, mine dont look like normal gauntlets, but with a little wood working you could make soemthing look relatively similar.
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