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Gauntlet hose attachments

Hi Folks,

I am looking for help please , I have done the usual searches and found the thread I was looking for...... but the problem I am having is, finding all the Parts to make the Metal Gauntlet outlets that the hose's attach to because parts are a nightmare to find in the UK as no one seems to stock them or know what i am on about :( :angry .

Is there someone out there that can help ??? this is the only thing stopping me completing my Gauntlets.

I would prefer just to buy them all in one from someone if anyone has access to these parts and are willing to sell me a set then please contact me, I am going for the ROTJ gauntlets so TDH is my only source of help.

Thanks in advance of any replies.

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Hi Homer-Fett,
I have these left over from my gaunt project. You're welcome to them if you like. They have some sticky glue left on them from the labels, but some citrus cleaner will take it off.
Reply or PM me if you're interested. :)

Hi Jon,

yeah i found the tutorial while doing the search but thanks for looking it up for me again, the problem i am having is finding the centre bolt the one with both ends flat and the hex in the middle as no one in the UK seems to have them or stock them.

I can't even get the front parts here but Superjedi is helping me with those , thanks brian ;) , so i hope you understand what i was originally asking , i am now looking for the centre bolts now (2 of them i believe) once i have them i am set but till then i am firmly stuck at the begining, lol.