Gauntlet to fix

Duct Tape!!!!!!! hehehe couldn't help it. I don't know... I would think that any kind of strong glue would fix it but I'm no expert on that stuff
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A small crack can be fixed with Bondo. If the crack is severe, reinforce it with some epoxy and a piece of plastic before you Bondo.
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Depending on the size of the crack you might try just a strong glue for a small crack. If it's large and/or chipped you might fill it with bondo, or quikplastik or something. Maybe reinforce is from behind with bondo/quikplastik behind it and a bit of superglueish stuff inside the crack?

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I second boba phat.
I would use A two part epoxy onthe inside of the crack.Bondo
on the outside.Sand it down and repaint.BAM!!! your groovy.
JB :lol:

... and another Q? ... damn im the Q? guy :D
what's bondo ... the real name, like the "sintra", any of you have a pic of that fantastic product :D thanks
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