Gauntlet Assembly~ How are you installing the flame thrower?


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I've been curious about this...

So just how is everyone installing their flame / laser barrels and knurled knozzles into their ROTJ left gauntlet "box"?

How are you keeping them parallel?

How far back do your tubes (barrels) go?

What are you mounting them into?

And how are you mounting the whole assembly inside the full "box" attachment.

(Anyone following me on this...?)


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The biggest problem is that the inside of the housing is rough (raw fiberglass) and has to be sanded somewhat smooth. I took two pieces of sintra and whittled them down to fit inside the box. I'll have to go home and measure how far back. The first is drilled and painted to look like the inside of the MoM gauntlet, and the second one sits a little further back for support and to keep the tubes/rods parallel. I then slid the tubes/rods in, hot glued them and the sintra pieces into place, and then glued on the bottom of the housing. I'll try and post some pics of the finished piece, but I didn't take any pics during the process so hopefully this makes some sense.
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I also cut down a piece of styrene to fit inside the box. I then drilled to small holes into it. I epoxied in to short copper tubes onto which I slid the silver flame thrower nozzles. (chrome tubing I got and used for my hose connectors) I just put epoxy all over the copper and inside of the chrome and I slid them over. Then, I inserted the finished strene/nozzle piece, and epoxied it to the inside of the box. Attach the bottom, and you're done! Now I just need to find to small hose pieces to put over the end of the chrome nozzles.

Here's a diagram


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I did mine similar to Blastech's. I used a thick piece of styrene that fit snuggly inside the housing.

I attached the RF connectors to brass tubes that were cut to the lenght I wanted. I drilled holes in the piece of styrene and inserted bolts all the way through from behind and stuck the brass tubes over them, I then just filled the tubes with 2 part liquid epoxy and that was it. I then inserted the assembly into the housing and super glued it in place.