need instutions on how to make them plese help

Despite the frequent temptation to institutionalize myself and seek professional help for my Obsessive Compulsive Mandalorian Disorder (OCMD), I just don't think it's necessary in the early stages.

Keep your chin and your rangefinder up ;)
Check out Wizard of flights templates, I think he made some of the gauntlets floating around here somewhere. They will give you an idea what to expect for a scratch build (y)

From there, you would have to either sculpt or combine a variety of modeling materials to do a build up based on the WOF or TDH images posted in Boba Fett Reference Images archive area.

Get the pics / blueprints
decide on a medium (clay/plastic ect...) to work in
and get ready for a project that never ends, depending on how accurate you want to be ;)
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