GA's and RA's vest.


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Does anyone owns one of these vests, and could tell how accurate they are?

I've heard that RA's vest is really accurate, but with no neck, and GA's comes with the neck and black hood.

I have RA's Vest and it's excellent, at least that's my opinion! :D
Yes it does NOT come with the neck and hood but can be made seperately which I also ordered. I am not that crazy for the hood piece but if you would like to be more on the accurate side I would order it.
As for the vest: :D:thumbsup:
The vest is cool. Good color. Well made. Mine came abit too big, but nothing i cant fix. I would recommend getting 1 size smaller.
But what's the color look like, ESB or ROTJ? I'm looking for a ROTJ version, if they come different. About the sizes, I know that you have to submitt your measurements somehow when you order them.

I'm really considering buying one from RA. But I'm just waiting for some news I'm waiting for, and how my "hand-made" vest comes out.

RA's vest is the best ive seen so far, I have worked with him on all my Fett costume items, he pumps out quality true to movie replicas. heres 2 photos of mine... ROTJ, it came a bit small, I only gave him my chest size, but its nuthin ol' MOM cant fix.
I also had him custom the lights, they arent the actual leds. I had him install several different colored blinking lights instead,(red green yellow) just for variety.
be sure to have all your upper body measurements when you do contact him

Are the shoulders pleated? :confused I know he used to only have like seven or eight pleats on his, but I can't see any of yours.
i made my own (Male sewers unite!) but i hear nothing but good things about RA. but as for the neck, i think its attached to the jumpsuit anyhow, actually, i hope it is cuz that how i made mine!
Sounds really good to me. About the lines in the shoulders, nothing like a good sewing machine won't fix. ;)

STEMMlin, the neck goes attached to the jumpsuit, there's a couple of threads about it, and if you have yours like that, you're in the right track! :):thumbsup:

BobaFettish, any updates about your vests?

It's in still in Canada, but it will be a few more weeks before I get it back as we've made a few more revisions to the pattern. I'll post pics of it when I get it back and let you know what the seamstress will charge for them. Mine will be the prototype.

LisaFett wrote:

That's weird, they don't look quilted at all. Must be a photography thing.

Hey LisaFett,
Yeah they're pleated... again, the shoulder bells are hanging over them,and the vest is hanging all weird (crappy plastic hangers) now I wish I had taked a better pic :(
RA has gr8 stuff and I dont think he'd miss something like that
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