Gapoxio vs Sculpey Modeling Clay Battle

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Anyone use Gapoxio?

Its an Epoxy putty which has 2 parts, when equally mixed you
have 1 hour before it air dries. When it dries you need a
jackhammer its very strong stuff. Nice thing about it is that
its a water cleanup and you can use water to smooth the surface of the finished product.

Bad thing about it on the package it says "This product has
known ingriedients that cause cancer in the state of California"......???? oh i get it iam safe here in Vancouver
from cancer...
lol. I am totally a sculpey advocate. I always need extra time to rethink my greeblie so i havent used something that dries so quick. I think there is other modeling clay that dries, but not as fast. Sculpey, once baked is tuff enuff. Tru about the great part of using water for smoothing out though.

I forgot to mention above that i have used sculpey.....gapoxio
tends to show smaller detail better and really easy to work
with....but its the health warning that makes me iffy.
Here are some specs on Gapoxio:
Tensile strength psi......4000 wow!
compressive strength psi...12000 WOw!!
bond strenght psi...........375
maximum temperature use ....350 F
I tend to stay away from stuff that sounds like "epoxy" cause of the health damages...hehehe. Actually, I just do the rubber mold/resin casting which is a lot more time consuming, but that way, the sculpey can be sanded down without problem after it's baked and i have a problem with the original. Do you find that it's worth it to get stuff that smooth? I mean, eventually mostly everything gets weathered anyway...But I can definately see your point. And 6 lbs really is a good amount of gapoxio. sculpey is more expensive it seems.
I'm a Sculpey III fan, personally. Greeblies on my ROTJ blaster and my left gauntlet (the rocket tip) are made from Sculpey III. True, it's not as tough as steel, but if I wanted something THAT tough, I would have made them out of something like "QuikSteel" epoxy putty! ;)
I must say, I got some of this stuff the other week, and it's awesome! Finally, I can sculpt stuff! After you have it mixed together, it feels a little thicker than play-doh.
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