Galactic Marine Shoulders Sanding Tips


New Hunter
Hey everyone im working on Galactic Marine costume and i'm focusing on the shoulder plates right now. My shoulders have been fully resined and fiberglassed. And moving onto the bodyfiller step i found out that the resin i've been using Aqua Resin can actually be used as a Bondo substitute, and since Aqua Resin doesn't produce toxic fumes and i dont need respirator and can use it indoors decided to use it for the bodyfiller. The right shoulder came out pretty smooth already there are some low areas and holes that need to be fixed though. But the left shoulder is where the problem is as you can see below my left shoulder came out VERY jagged. So for sanding i think for the left shoulder i first need to sand those jagged areas whereas for the right shoulder i don't really need to do that as much since there's not alot of jagged edges on it. Not sure what grit to use for my power sander any ideas?



Jr Hunter
Start off with a heavy grade to knock off the worst of the lumps and then move to finer grades as you get the shape you want ... if you start off with too fine a grade you'll be there till hell freezes over!