Funkyreds ROTJ and Supertrooper Jet pack decals - WIP


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As my previous posts have stated and you may be aware I have been redrawing and editing my complete decal catalogue on both ESB and ROTJ to make them more screen accurate. And as such I have been creating my own versions of the ROTJ and Supertrooper jetpack decals and thought I would share my results and ask you guys your opinions and thoughts. as well as showimg you my processes and how I got to the point I am atm a Work in progress so to speak in the interests of clarity showing how I am developing my decals to the community.

First of all I must pay due credit to Members such as Rafalfett , Wizard of flight and JBDubz who I have asked to many questions and have kindly replied and given their invaluable input/advice.......Thanks guys.

I work in the graphic design industry and have been very keen on Typography my whole career , I like a nice font lol.
I noticed the markings on the ROTJ looked very similar to Glyphs which are characters that have been used within graphic design and are elimental symbols , intended to represent readable characters etc,
Bottom left.jpg

Bottom right.jpg

Rocket bottom.jpg

I started with the basics , Helvetica was the industry standard font in the 1970/80s and before the birth of desk top publishing Letraset was one of the only tools at hand for a graphic designer.In the images the decals look like they are/were dry transfers, and I read a post here a while back that they came off during shooting and were repainted on.


Using Adobe Illustrator I typed in a capital D , E , W , T . U's 2 minus symbols and a couple of Glyphs (One looks like 2 K's joined together) . The more I looked at this glypth tho the more I thought although it looked right it wasn't and the one in the image looked like a capital K back to back ,
Bottom left  zoom.jpg

I reversed the E and trimmed the horizontal parts and joined it together to the D , and did the same with the W's and the K's , turned a U 180° turned the chevrons round and cut the T's down and rotated them and ended up with this.


I traced the decals at the top of the tank from this image directly in illustrator and created my own version of the top of the main tank decal by eye.

I cut them out of vinyl and ended up with this.

Applied to a DVH 7CS Jetpack to gauge sizing.
inCollage_20190927_182819877 (3).jpg

The Supertrooper is and still is a bit of a mystery to me tbh , I have found hardly any reference images other than some black and white images a Rafalfett jetpack decal schematic, and two images one is a snowy backpack which bares striking similarities decal wise to the supertrooper.

I based my version on the packs decals and colour scheme, Grey , Black and red.


Cut out




Any thoughts , comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated as my ROTJ and Supertrooper knowledge is limited being an ESB guy myself , I have searched through the forums past posts and where possible have found the images above for reference. If I have missed anything or could make any changes to improve on where I am atm i would be grateful for tips/advice.
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These are looking great! Imma need a set or 2 for the super trooper and the ROTJ. This will make my life a little easier lol


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This is some fantastic work! Good job with the glyphs, they look spot on man! Also, something I've noticed is the stunt pack and the movie pack have some of the same symbols, but others are missing. Is there a 'right' way to do it? I personally would think that they all should be on since I believe that is what was intended regardless of if they came off or are missing on the variations of the pack throughout the movie. Do guys normally just put them all on? thanks


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These look great!!! I’m partial to the ROTJ version myself...

If/ when you offer these to the community, have you given any thought to doing reverse decals? That way people can hand paint these accurately...?