Full Size Helmet Interiors - The Sequel

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Hello everybody!

Well I figure it's about time that I start a new thread about these full size foam helmet interior kits, as the molds will be on their way to me from Marrow Sun very soon. I don't currently have a price for these firmly set, as the materials may have gone up in price since MS's last run, but I hope they will be close to the $65 plus shipping he originally had them at. I don't imagine it will be more than $10-$15 difference, but I just don't know at this point. I'll try to run the numbers once I get a better idea of how many kits I'll need to make.

**** UPDATE: The price has been set at $75 CAD plus shipping. Shipping will vary on destination, so I'll deal with that one on one with everybody. ****

Here are a few photos that I snagged from MS of the pieces he cast out of the very same molds this new run will be coming from. They will have to do until I actually get the molds and cast up a set myself. They will, however, look just like this:

And here's how they could look after you paint them up and install them in your helmet:

If all those actually interested in a set could please post in this thread, it would help me get a sense of what I'm dealing with here. I'll compile a list as people come in, then once I have the final numbers, I'll get right into production.

Thanks gang!


Current Interest List:

*** TK3828 - 2 sets - Completed ***
JDFett - 1 set
curtis - 1 set
TB750 - 1 set
darth_schröder - 1 set
Mandocommando - 1 set
CGClone - 1 set
Slowmo - 2 sets
bobafett669 - 1 set
ItsThatGuy - 1 set
Bountys Hunted - 1 set
Cer'jo Aclos - 1 set
anakin1322 - 1 set
Banzai88 - 2 sets
Racerxx - 1 set
HMPOTC33 - 1 set
zanenigma - 1 set
tomtav - 1 set
Fleshbeany - 1 set
the_ hunter_of_bounties - 1 set
jjv5150 - 1 set
Melvin Fett - 1 set
Spankuh - 1 set
blackgrifter - 1 set
COPENHAGEN6 - 2 sets
Akashia - 2 sets
Mandalor78 - 1 set
FlashFett - 1 set
napalm - 1 set
[Aeria-Gloris] - 1 set
Loanstar- 1 set
TantiveIV - 1 set
Fantomaz - 1 set
Ceric Neesh - 1 set
Vaders_Pet - 1 set
Boba Swede - 1 set
Cylus - 1 set
Styles2304 - 1 set
bobafett669 - 1 set
SL-1190 - 1 set
teabo - 1 set
MediaGuyPJ - 1 set
Grifter - 1 set
Tuskeny21 - 1 set
Darth Clouds - 2 sets
Geo - 1 set (maybe 2 sets)
jedi.paramedic - 1 set
azheat01 - 1 set
CuteLucca - 1 set
Nerf-Herder - 2 sets
shortimer52 - 1 set
tk7602 - 1 set
Devilstar2k2 - 1 set
tk2647 - 1 set
Gee2 - 2 sets
BobaFett07 - 1 set
thundrkiss - 2 sets
DarkeSword2020 - 2 sets
Clan_Skirata - 1 set
mdoug18217 - 1 set
Prime - 1 set
Tyrian_Kell - 1 set
onigiri - 2 sets
Darth_Nickel - 1 set
Kebab - 1 set
Cailieg - 2 sets
Bil Skirata - 2 sets
Fett0420 - 3 sets
KnightAsylum - 1 set
BFett25 - 1 set
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The painted pieces in the photos above were brushed with regular acrylic paints. If other people have had good experiences with other sorts of paint on these foam pieces, I'd love to hear about it.

Hope this helps!




So roughly how much do you think it would cost to get it to me in Western Australia... :D and how long would it take to get them all up and running and sent out :D

Cantina Dude

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So roughly how much do you think it would cost to get it to me in Western Australia... :D and how long would it take to get them all up and running and sent out :D
Well I really don't know about shipping just yet, so all quotes on that will have to wait until I have a set cast up and I can figure it all out. As for start-up and delivery time, I hope that once the molds arrive, it should take me a week or two to get all necessary supplies and get started casting. I am pretty busy these days, so I'll have to just cast up a set whenever I can, which unfortunately doesn't allow me to set a definitive turn around time at this point. While I may ask for a small deposit to confirm peoples interest (at the appropriate time, we'll see), I won't be asking for the bulk of the payment until a particular order is ready to ship, as I don't want people to be out any money for extended periods of time.

That's all for now!